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Among Us went from being a game no one knew about to a worldwide phenomenon. It first released back in June 2018 for iOS & Android and almost withered out of existence. It saw new life in 2020 and all of a sudden became immensely popular. So much so that the game also launched on December 15th for Nintendo Switch. In such a short time, it has been reported by SuperData that Among Us on Nintendo Switch has sold over 3.2 million copies (this will be digital copies of course as the game is not available to purchase physically).

What is incredible about this is that these numbers were accumulated for the period of December only. Seeing that Among Us had only been on the market for 15 days or so and has racked in those kind of numbers is insane. I’m sure the developers are ecstatic that their game has done so well on the Switch and that releasing it on Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Series X later this year will continue to bring the game success in sales.

Source: SuperDataResearch.com

Via: GoNintendo

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