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Let’s big it up for Team Super Mushroom as they have reigned victorious in the Super Mario Bros. 35 Splatfest in Splatoon 2. It was Team Super Mushroom Vs. Team Super Star and while Team Super Mushroom may not have super-sized in the popularity vote (Team Super Star reaped 68.20%) but they showed that size really does matter when it comes to clout. Team Super Mushroom got the edge over Team Super Star in both Normal and Pro Battles.

Super Mario Bros. 35 Splatfest Results

So from someone who chose Team Super Star (myself) in the Super Mario Bros. 35 Splafest, I would like to congratulate Team Super Mushroom on their victory, regardless of the fact that most turf battles that I played in were in fact against my own team. I am pretty sure that was the case for many players in Team Super Star but anyhow, I digress. I hope the top 100 players on Team Super Mushroom enjoy their Super Mario Bros. Medals. They deserve it, even if I do feel a little sour about it. I joke of course, but I’m sure that I am not the only one who feels a little cheated.

If you have yet to load up Splatoon 2 today, we have recorded the in-game results announcements in the video below.


Source: Nintendo America (Twitter)

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