Fans of Dragalia Lost have a lot to look forward to when ringing in the New Year with the game! The games annual plans have been announced and fans can look forward to a whole bunch of different events taking place.

1. New Raid Event: Cursed Connections! The Cursed Connections raid event will begin at 12/31/2020 at 10:00pm PT.

The Prince and friends prepare the greet the new year in the Hinomotoan style, as has been their tradition for years. This peaceful period of reflection and celebration is shattered by the sudden appearance of a stranger named Doman who somehow manages to wrest control of the Halidom away from our heroes. The Prince joins forces with Seimei, the leader of the Ox Wyrmclan, to take back his home from this usurper, but it soon becomes clear that the connection between Seimei and Doman is more complicated than it first appears. To get the new year off to a good start, the Prince will have to clash with the mysterious Mukuroshu as they put their sinister schemes into action!

This event’s theme song is “Terrestrial paradice” by BlooDye.
2. Daily Free Tenfold Summons! Every day you login to the game you’ll be able to use the Tenfold summon for free up to 70 times during the event.
3. New Years Special Bonus! Login to Dragalia Lost up to 10 days during the New Years event to claim some special rewards in a brand new login bonus.

4. And More! More events are also taking place and can be seen in the below video that has been released by Cygames and Nintendo.

Dragalia Lost – 2020 Year-End and 2021 New Years Event Information!

Are you excited to ring in 2021 with Dragalia Lost? I know I am! Let us know if you’ll be checking out these events.

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