Unto The End

Hey folks, welcome to the feature series we call “EXPlay.” A series of feature articles where we share our experience on games we’ve recently played in the form of written views and captured gameplay footage. In this installment, we’re all about Unto The End by 2Ton Studios.

EXPlay Unto The End: (Nintendo Switch)

Unto The End is a 2D combat-adventure game that tells the tale of a father who faces untold odds against unforgiving weather and fierce enemies. Whilst hunting to bring home food to feed his family, the humble father accidently falls into a hole in the ground. He comes to and discovers that he is fallen into a large cave complex. With only a sword and a knife to protect himself, the man must find a way out of the cave and make his way back to his family.

Many dangers lie in wait in the darkness. There are perilous ravines to traverse, deadly traps to avoid, and agressive creatures that will kill you without cause. You must use your skills to outmaneuvre your opponents in skillfully coordinated combat and your wits to evade and deactivate traps. Not everything you meet is an enemy. Sometimes by making an offering, you may be given something in return. However, you must still be weary of others and always be on your guard.

Scattered throughout the world, you can find useful items that can aid you in your journey. You can find herbs that can help slow bleeding if injured or use them to make a healing potion when at a campfire. Other items like bones, leather, and sticks can be used to craft armor to better protect yourself. Always be on the lookout for anything that could be helpful and don’t be squeamish about searching dead bodies either.

Be prepared to die alot in Unto The End before you finally hone your skills. The game’s combat is intentionally intricate. You need to block incoming attacks from opponents and find an opening in order to counter. You can sometimes evade hits or avoid being surrounded by rolling past enemies. You can drop your sword and/or lose your knife amidst combat and will need recover them so you can fight back. Should you die (which you will) you will respawn at the last checkpoint you reached uninjured. If you are injured and are bleeding out, you will need to heal your wounds at a campfire before you die and restart in an area before you got injured.

Unto the End is as challenging as it is engaging. You will want to keep trying to overcome every pitfall you face and conquer your enemies in combat. Will the father make it home to see his family again? We will leave that up to you to find out.

Unto The End

EXPlay Unto The End Gameplay:

Game Specifics:

Unto The EndDeveloper: 2Ton Studios
Publisher: Big Sugar
Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)
Category:  Adventure, Platformer, Action
No. of Players: 1 Player
Release Date: December 17, 2020 (EU & NA)
Price: $24.99
File Size: 2.4 GB
Nintendo.com Listing

Thank you for reading our EXPlay on Unto The End. We hope that you find it useful in your decision in picking up the game for yourself. While there are a lot of hidden gems on the Nintendo Switch and a fair number of duds, we’ll leave it to you to decide whether a game is for you or not.

After all, we can’t tell you what games you might like or not like, only what games we like. So, this condensed overview is simply to shine a light on some games that might have been missed on your radar. If you wish to share your own thoughts with us, please be sure to leave them in the comments below.


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