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Whether you love cakes that pack a punch, lovable poochies that know two heads are better than one, or robots in disguise, do we have one hell of a week lined up for you. In the first of a three-part interview series, with the assistance of Coatsink Software, we’re catching up with High Tea Frog’s Laura Hutton, the Technical Artist and Director behind the recently released Cake Bash and this interview is fresh from the oven:

Creating a Game that’s Good Enough to Eat with High Tea Frog (Part 1: Cake Bash)

Miketendo64: In typical interview fashion, would you be so kind as to introduce yourself to our readers, provide us with some background history and detail your involvement with Cake Bash?

Laura Hutton: Hello! I made all the cake characters, environments and everything you can see in the game, along with the writing and helping with design – it’s quite challenging being a tiny team as you have to do a lot! Before starting my own company I used to work at Ubisoft, but left in 2017 to make my own games. Cake Bash is our first shipped title as indies and it’s been a great adventure.


Get Tasty:

Miketendo64: Available now, with a demo on the eShop, what is Cake Bash? What’s it about? How does it play and what is there for players to enjoy?

Laura Hutton: It’s a four player party game where you fight to be the tastiest cake! The main way to play is called Get Tasty, where you need to collect the tastiest toppings to be chosen by the customer.

We have five main free-for-all game modes called Bashes where you beat the crumbs out of each other, and these are playable in five different maps, like the Patio with a hungry pigeon and a beach with grumpy crabs.

We also made eight minigame snacks to enjoy, where you can do everything from filling up scones and s’mores to roasting marshmallows – there’s all sorts to try!

You can unlock loads of different flavours for your cakes by doing well in certain minigames too, or play individual games you’ve unlocked in our Recipe mode. You can play locally with friends, against bots or online. I’m very proud of everything we achieved, as our core team size at its biggest was only three people!

You are what you Eat:

Miketendo64: Plenty of cakes were surely harmed during the showing of the game’s various trailers, but how many cakes were eaten over the course of the year? Did cake eating become mandatory eating for working on a title such as this?

Laura Hutton: Absolutely, it was classified as essential research. I’ve been learning how to bake too, but luckily my digital cakes look much nicer than the ones in real life! We’ve had a fair bit of feedback that the cakes are making people hungry so my sweet tooth has proved rather useful.

Miketendo64: And as a quick follow up, you can only pick one, your favourite kind of cake is?

Laura Hutton: I’d have to say a lemon cheesecake – every time I buy one I end up eating half of it before I know what’s happened. They’re way too tempting…


Ready Player Bun:

Miketendo64: Are there any tips you’d love to share with our readers, who are hoping to be the number one bun?

Laura Hutton: To be the most delicious in Get Tasty you need to buy three of the same kind of toppings to make combos – the most expensive one is a lollipop you can buy at the shop, and it’s worth double the smaller ones in its final form! Also remember to use the bin if you get unlucky with the machine because those stinky toppings can really bring your score down. Who wants a cake covered in fish bones? Bleh.

Please Sir, Can I have some s’more?:

Miketendo64: With minigame galore and a whole lot of fun on offer, what have been some of your favourite mini-games to play and which ones do you feel stand out the most?

Laura Hutton: My favourite has to be Campfire – on the surface it looks like a really relaxing game, but it quickly becomes intense if the scores are close. Getting a perfect 100 when the fire is hot is so satisfying – I wonder if anyone’s good enough to get a full perfect score? I’ve never managed it personally but did manage to get 900 points once!

I also really enjoy Fork Knife. The good thing is that these two minigames are in the free demo so you can get a try for yourself! In the full game my favourite has to be the Bakewell Ballet, where you throw berries onto a big Bakewell tart as they perform a wonky version of Swan Bake. The music and expressions on the tarts makes me laugh a lot.


(French)Fancy Dress:

Miketendo64: Since one can have fun on a bun by dressing up their cakes, can you tell us a bit about the clothing variety and do you have a particularly favourite one?

Laura Hutton: Spaice has to be my favourite flavour – I love how its arms, legs and face are all inverted to match the galactic theme! Each of the unlockable flavours is linked to an in-game challenge, so you can unlock the Dancey fondant fancy by getting five perfect shots in the Bakewell Ballet. It helps to make the game feel more connected and I like to reward players for their hard work!


The Icing on the Cake (Final Touches):

Miketendo64: Lastly, is there anything you wish to say to your every growing fan base?

Laura Hutton: Just thank you so much to everyone who’s picked up our game and given it a try, especially if you’ve been spreading the word about it to your friends and family! It’s our first indie game and we know you took a chance on us with your pennies, so we appreciate it very much and hope you have fun.

For more Cake Bash coverage, why not check out our EXPlay piece on this tasty dish. It’s good enough to eat and it comes packaged with some tasty looking gameplay and be sure to check back tomorrow for Part 2 of our Coatsink interviews!

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