Instruction Manuals

One thing that I truly enjoyed when I was younger, aside from getting new games, was reading the instruction manuals that came with it. There were packed with all the “Need to Know” information to set you on the right track to playing the game. As well as the important information like controls and the general how to play, some instruction manuals also had some handy hints and tips that will help you get the most enjoyment out of the game.

Unfortunately, it seems like those days are well behind us now and more and more games are moving away from physical instruction manuals and opting for in-game tutorials instead. Though just because the game publishers themselves may have stopped producing instruction manuals, it hasn’t stopped other people from making their own.

One such person is RowanFN of MBPUK. He has an Esty page where he sells some cool little instruction manuals of his own for select games on the Nintendo Switch. He has five available at the moment and they include Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

Instruction Manuals

These cool little instruction manuals may be minute in size but that is so that they can fit snuggly inside the Nintendo Switch game cases. They may not be a necessity to most people but they and are just so handy to have. Granted a lot of the information inside is given to you in-game as well but each has a little extra that makes them that much more essential.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons manual, for example, has multiple pages dedicated to all the bugs, fish, fossils, and flowers that can be found in-game. Sea creatures are not included in the instruction manual as it was printed before Sea Creatures were implemented into the game.

Instruction Manuals

Each Instruction manual differs in price and some are even discounted on the Etsy store at the time of writing this article. The prices range from between $10-15 USD (€10-15 EUR). Though I tried to get the best shots possible, the photos do not do the manuals justice and they look much better in person. Here are some of the photos I took of some of the pages in the manuals.

If you are interested, you can get a better look at each instruction manual in our unboxing video featuring them. We have embedded the video below for your convenience.


If you are interested in getting one of these Instruction manuals or even the set, please be sure to visit RowanFN’s Etsy store. He does post internationally but please take note that additional charges in postage may apply.

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