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With November 20, 2020 drawing nearer with every passing day, we feel like putting together a little gallery post, dedicated to faces from 100 prior that appears in Hyrule Warriors: Age of CalamityLet’s say hello to that colourful cast, shall we?

The Faces from 100 Years Ago: (Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity)

Link (Playable Character)

Princess Zelda (Playable Character)

Daruk (Playable Character)

Mipha (Playable Character)

Revali (Playable Character Character)

Urbosa (Playable Character Character)

Impa (Playable Character)

King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule



Master Kohga

Unnamed Yiga

??? (Identity Pending)


Got any guesses who the last character could be? We’ve seen the rumours and hopes for Vaati, Yuga and even Agahnim, but for now, we’re playing it safe with guessing it is the Fortune Teller that is said to have approached King Rhoam and advised him to look for the Divine Beasts. Whatever the case, we’ll all know soon enough!














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