Super Mario 64 Castle Secret Stars

Having trouble finding the Super Mario 64 Castle Secret Stars in Super Mario 3D All-Stars? Not to worry, with our guide you will be finding them all in no time.

Super Mario 64 has 120 stars to collect in total. Each of the 15 main courses has seven stars and tally up to 105 stars. There are another 15 stars hidden around the Castle itself and in secret courses. Some of them are quite obvious to find but others can be hidden in plain sight. We have listed below all 15 of the Super Mario 64 Castle Secret Stars Below

Super Mario 64 Castle Secret Stars

1- The Princess’ Secret Slide: Once you have acquired your first star from Course 1: Bob-omb Battleground, you can gain access to the 1-Star door up the stairs in the main hall of the castle. On the other side of the door is a room with three stained glass windows with an image of Princess Peach on them. The window on the right-hand side leads to The Princess’ Secret Slide. In this secret course, you must simply make it to the end of the slide. At the finish line, there is a Yellow ! Block. Hit the ! block to reveal the first Castle Secret Star.

2- The Princess’ Secret Slide Speedrun: Head back to The Princess’ Secret Slide and race down the slide as fast as you can. If you finish the slide in less than 21 seconds, you will earn a second secret Star.

3- The Secret Aquarium: From the main hall of the castle, head into the 3-Star door on the right-hand side to Jolly Rodger Bay. Inside the room, there are two black windows that can be reached with a backflip. The window to the right-hand side of the room leads to a secret Aquarium course. Collect the 8 red coins inside this room to find the secret Star.

4- Bowser In The Dark World Course: Collect all 8 red coins on this stage to be rewarded with a Secret Power Star just before you enter the green pipe to face Bowser.

5- Red Coins At The Tower Of The Wing Cap: When you have 10 or more Power Stars, a light will shine down in the main hall. stand in the center of the hall and look up into the light to be taken to the secret course where you can find the Red Switch for the Wing Cap ! Blocks. Collect all 8 red coins in the air with the Wing Cap to be rewarded with a secret Star.

6- MIPS the Rabbit: When you head into the basement where you can find Lethal Lava Land, Hazy Maze Cave, and Shifting Sand Land. If you have collected 20 Stars, you will find a Yellow Rabbit hopping around down here. It will run away from you when you get close so you have to give chase and catch it. When you do, the rabbit will give you a secret Star.

7- Basement Toad Secret Star: In the room that has the liquid metal pool that gives you access to Hazy Maze Cave, there is a Toad standing in a corner, talk to him when you have 20 Power Stars or more and he will give you a secret Star.

8- Red Coins in the Metal Cap Cave: Find the Metal Cap Cave secret course inside Hazy Maze Cave (in the room where you find Nessie, there is a door on a ledge that requires using Nessie to reach). Collect the 8 red coins in this room to be rewarded with a secret Star.

9- Red Coins Under the Moat: When you have drained the Moat to the Castle, there is a secret course that leads to the Vanish Cap Switch. Collect all 8 red coins here to be rewarded with a secret Star.

10- Bowser in the Fire Sea: Collect all 8 red coins on this course to be rewarded with a secret Star next to the green pipe that leads to the 2nd fight with Bowser.

11- Second-Floor Toad Secret Star: When you have opened the Key door to the second floor of the castle, go right and head past the stairs. You will find a Toad along this wall that will give you a secret Star if you have collected 30 or more Power Stars.

12- Return of the Yellow Rabbit: After you have acquired 50 or more Power Stars, the Yellow Rabbit will return. Catch it again to be given another Secret  Castle Star.

13- Top Floor Toad’s Reward: On the top floor of the castle, you will find a Toad between Tick Tock Clock and Rainbow Ride. Talk to him and he will give you a Secret Castle Star.

14- Wing Mario over the Rainbow: When you enter the top floor of the castle and have Tick Tock Clock directly in front of you, head left and climb into the opening opposite the entrance to Rainbow Ride. There is a similar entrance here that will take you to a special course with cloud platforms. Use the Wing Cap and cannon to collect the 8 red coins to make a Secret Castle Star appear.

15- Bowser in the Sky: On the final Bowser course, there are 8 red coins for you to collect. Grab them all to make a Secret Star appear next to the Green Pipe that will take you to your final battle with Bowser.

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