Get ready to celebrate the Summer season on the campground in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! Brand new festive events have begun from a gardening event, to latest Summer Block Party with some great rewards! Don’t forget to login for some special bonuses, and don’t miss out on a special SOU SOU collaboration collection that is now available.


Welcome to August, campers! Summer is in full swing with seaside events in the Animal Crossing™: Pocket Camp game. There are lots of fun activities to participate in, nifty log-in bonuses to collect, and cool rewards to earn.

Summer Block Party, the latest seasonal event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, is now live. Please check the game for the full event schedule. Hope to see you having fun in the sun!


Bamboo Bonanza!

The month of August brings a chance to earn some nice bamboo items, including a bamboo noodle slide. Take part in certain in-game events in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to collect stardust fans. In addition, you might earn a tub watermelon and a bamboo-boat lantern.

Happy Homeroom: Try your hand at a Japanese-style garden surrounded by bamboo!

Show us a layout fit for a Japanese-style garden with a mystical vibe! Use the bamboo-themed items you’ve collected to practice your interior design skills in a Happy Homeroom class. Lottie and friends will grade your designs. If you pass the class, you’ll get HH Material and Furniture puzzle HH Medals. Earn enough medals and your HH Rank will go up!

Fishing Tourney: (Goldfish)

Catch special fish in Lost Lure Creek to get goldfish-themed rewards in this month’s Fishing Tourney. Keep an eye out for fish with sparkling shadows—when you see one, try to catch it! Once you catch some tourney fish, get them measured. When the total size reaches a goal, you’ll earn in-game rewards like a goldfish aquarium, a goldfish screen, a goldfish paper lantern, and more!

SOU・SOU Yukata Collection

The SOU・SOU Yukata Collection is here! Kyo-Yukata from the Kyoto textile brand SOU・SOU are coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp as in-game items. And guess what? On the official SOU・SOU website, you’ll find the same SOU・SOU Yutaka Collection designs from the game for sale! You can match your campsite characters in real life. Plus, the SOU・SOU Interior Collection is now available. We hope you enjoy these adorable items!

About Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a free-to-start mobile game about exploring nature, making friends, and collecting cool items to help you create the campsite of your dreams.

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