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Bite the Bullet

Developer: Mega Cat Studios
Publisher: Graffiti Games
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Version Reviewed: eShop Download
Category: Action, RPG, Platformer, shooter
No. of Players: 1-2 players
Release Date: August 13, 2020 (Worldwide)
Price: $14.99 USD                                       



Bite the Bullet is the latest game from Mega Cat Studios. It was announced back in 2019 and was featured on the Indie Megabooth PAX East 2019 and 2020. This title was also featured as part of the 2019 Mega Indie Exchange in Seattle and Los Angeles. Bite the Bullet will also release on Xbox One, PC, and eventually PS4.

Mega Cat Studios is based in Pittsburgh, PA, and is a creative first video game developer with a knack for old school, retro based style games. They have a wide variety of self-produced retro games with actual cartridges for your old school SEGA or SNES or even NES console! Check out their site for more info! They are truly one of the most unique developers out there!

This run, gun, and eat shooter was also made to help raise awareness of hunger throughout the world. Partnering with Feeding America, players can use Twitch streams to fundraise for this great cause to help feed the hungry in America.

Feeding America is a nationwide network of food banks and is wanting to enlist gamers in the fight against hunger! Every $1 a streamer raises provides 10 meals to people in need!

Bite the Bullet



Bite the Bullet is a unique take on the Contra style run and gun shooter platformers of yesterday. This time, however, it’s run-gun-eat. Utilizing an eating mechanic to keep yourself going, this game will keep you guessing and strategizing throughout!

Choosing either Chewie or Chewella, you are a musclebound soldier trying to help the world fend off zombies during a food shortage apocalypse. You must eat the enemies to learn their DNA and help the DarwinCorp create a compendium of all data and organic matter in the galaxy!

The setting is your basic dystopian society run by a ruthless leader attempting to gather all the DNA of all the creatures in the galaxy. You’re a mercenary who eventually starts to question his or her job throughout. This game has a surprising amount of depth for a retro “Contra-like” run and gun and eat type game! I won’t spoil anymore, you’ll just have to pick this title up for yourself! It’s totally worth it!

Bite the Bullet



As stated earlier, this is a run, gun, and eat type shooter. In the vein of Metroidvania and Contra like games, this game is a buffet of classics. A little bit of Contra, Metal Slug, Metroid, Castlevania etc., this title is a great retro-style game. Beyond shooting and punching ghouls and zombies, the newest mechanic to this genre is eating.

You can eat any creature you kill to gain some strength, HP, or even a boost. Sometimes, however, things can be poisoned and you’ll vomit everything up in a disgusting pixelated pile on the floor. If you overeat, you’ll slow down and not be as effective so chew wisely and carefully.

The platforming aspects of this game are quite smooth and some of the puzzles are quite challenging. This game truly encompasses many aspects of retro gaming at its finest and is a joy for any fan of the tough retro style game. If you can stomach the challenges in this game, this is a meal for you!

Bite the Bullet

My primary criticism is climbing and sliding on walls. Just like MegaMan, and many other action platformers, you can bounce off walls and slide down walls. In this game, however, sliding down the walls is painfully slow. This makes it difficult to traverse some of the more challenging levels.

Another great element to this game is a very extensive skill tree, adding some RPG elements to your experience. You gain points throughout each level and can spend them on various skills, upgrades, and enhancements, really personalizing your experience to how you want to enjoy your meal. There is also a variety of headbands your mercenary can wear to power yourself up, which you unlock throughout your journey to save the world.

Bite the Bullet

The eating part of this game is just like real life. Eat a lot of fat, and you’ll slow down. Overeat and you’ll get sick. Eat the right foods and you’ll have plenty of energy. I’ve honestly never played a game that dedicated this much detail to the aspect of eating in a game.

Usually, we think of simply eating a mushroom or cooking a meal other titles that give us health or a boost. This title takes that concept and really digs in and commits to the concept of healthy eating. Some foods you eat will help you transform into a hulking monster to eliminate your enemies. Other foods give you speed and energy for a short period of time.

Of course a Contra-like Run N’ Gun would not be complete without a smorgasbord of guns. A plethora of weapon types drop very often and can really change and enhance your gameplay. Replete with food puns, the weapons in this game have enough food-based variety and flavor to make Gordon Ramsey happy.

Bite the Bullet



Bite the Bullet contains plenty of features such as two-player co-op, a wide range of weapons and gadgets, some pretty fantastic bosses, and an entire menu of challenges for each level. The replayability of this game is tremendous and definitely worth your time!

There are bonus levels such as “Enter the Hamster” Where you ride in a giant hamster and eat everything in sight trying to beat the record time or goal. These are sprinkled throughout the game and add even more variety to this title. There really is no one way to play this game! Over 50 levels, a huge array of weapons, crafting, a dynamic calorie system and over 40 enemies to devour, this game is a full buffet of bullets, mayhem, protein, and blood

In perfect 1980’s fashion, Bite the Bullet will be receiving a post-launch update called Synthwave mode. The game will use the musings of synth-wave artists such as Wavershaper, Night Runner, Retroxx, and Magic Sword. The soundtrack itself is very active, heavy metal-inspired, and it’ll be interesting to see this synth-wave edition!

Bite the Bullet



The music in Bite the Bullet is very well done. As a heavy metal fan, I could just listen to the background music all day. The gun sounds, eating, the levels all the environments sound great! The audio is very well done and pays great homage to the old school action platformers. Even the vomiting sounds disgusting.

The music and background is very well done and satisfying to the ear. As an old school gamer, I really appreciate the attention to detail on the sounds our hero makes as he jumps, runs, guns, and eats everything in sight. Accompanied by 80’s inspired action-packed heavy metal, this title is sure to be pleasing to the ear as well as the stomach.

Bite the Bullet



Bite the Bullet’s graphics are very pleasing to the eye. The Pixel art is top-notch and the details in the world are very well done. It’s a great combination of pixel art and modern graphics. Some levels have an eerie amount of smoke or fog surrounding your character.

To me, this is a remarkably interesting detail and artistic choice and adds to the environment. The details on the food items you can eat are spectacular and this game is the perfect visual throwback to any old school fan.

The frame rates do not suffer too much and run much smoother in handheld mode, as most retro-style games do on the Switch. The movements and gunplay are very quick and fast-paced. Even the cut scenes and “cinematics” are very well done. I would love to see this company make a cartridge version for SNES. This game is a visual joy to ingest!

Bite the Bullet



Bite the Bullet is another Retro-inspired title that satisfies your hunger for an old school challenge with a new twist of flavor. This title is full of variety, replayability, and challenge. While there are a few snags, this game does not disappoint and is a must-have for any retro fan.

The developers of these games are truly trying to keep an art alive by making these titles and they are even going further to help fight hunger in America by partnering with Twitch to raise money! This game needs your support and this developer has a bright future ahead of them if they keep these unique experiences coming!

Bite the Bullet


If you’re looking for a great old school experience, and are also hungry for a challenge, Bite the Bullet is just for you! It’s chock full of experiences and details and won’t leave you hungry.



*A download key was provided by Publishers for the purposes of this review

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