Keep hold of your brainboxes as you will be taking it for a spin in Skully, which is out now on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. As the titular hero, you have been brought back to life to help the peace-seeking diety Terry. Terry tasks our disembodied protagonist to find the means to travel across a magical world and return the peace between Terry’s squabbling siblings. In order to achieve this goal, you will have to create bodies made of clay by dipping into magical pools to combat foes and reach new areas.

You can find out more about the game in the official announcement below as well as a cool launch trailer!


Join our headstrong hero for a roll through a gorgeous but troubled paradise

Walnut Creek (Aug. 4, 2020) – Indie publisher Modus Games and developer Finish Line Games today released Skully, a reanimated skull’s delightful platforming adventure across a magical island, on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The accompanying launch trailer below is packed with gameplay which perfectly demonstrates our cranium-sized star’s agility and knack for wielding clay-boosted powers. Pools of magical clay can be found while hopping through this colourful land, lending strength in battles and opening new routes through Skully’s beautiful world.

Get a sense of what Skully can do by watching the full launch trailer here:

Game features:

  • Rewarding Platforming: Skully’s sense of momentum translates wonderfully while hurtling down paths and hopping between platforms, making movement super satisfying.
  • Incredible Powers: Sculpt one of three forms for Skully from clay found around the island to bash pesky fauna, reach new areas, and solve skull-scratching puzzles.
  • A Vibrant World: Skully’s journey barrels through seven wildly distinctive ecosystems across 18 chapters, making its isle feel like a sprawling world with unique regions.
  • Endearing Locals: A curious cast, including the peace-seeking ally Terry who granted Skully a second chance at life, bring a playful quest to life with stellar performances.
  • Volcano-Sized Stakes: Help Terry find a resolution to his siblings’ dispute before their argument ushers doom to their once-picturesque home.


Source: Dead Good PR / Modus Games

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