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The SNES Classic Donkey Kong Country will be joining the SNES – Nintendo Switch Online collection next week (July 15th). This was announced in a trailer for the July Game Updates for the NES and SNES – Nintendo Switch Online, showcasing the newest additions to their respective collections (you can find out more here).

Nintendo has also shared a special video that highlights some secrets, tricks, and cheats for Donkey Kong Country. You can find them in the video below. We have also written them up underneath the video.


Diddy’s Extra Lives

In the Monkey Mines [Millstone Mayhem], play as Diddy and lure the Krusha towards the entrance of the level. Once the Krusha is right up against the wall, slide down to bounce on its head whilst holding down the Left directional button. You will eventually gain extra lives the longer you keep bouncing on the Krusha’s head.


Start with 50 Lives

Highlight the “Erase Game” option from the “Choose Game” menu and press B, A, R, R, A, L. You will hear a sound that will indicate that the cheat worked. When you load up the game, you will have 50 Lives


Bonus Practice Area

On the intro screen, press Down, Y, Down, Down, Y. A sound will indicate that the cheat worked. You will now be able to practice in the bonus areas.

101% Completion

Not a cheat but a tip. Clear the game and find all the bonus areas to increase your completion score to 101%. You can check in with Cranky Kong who will let you know if you are missing anything


Source: Nintendo America (YouTube)

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