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STAR WARS Episode I: Racer is out now on the Nintendo Switch. For any of you wondering if the game has any cheats like the original Nintendo 64 game, then you are in luck.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game has the exact same cheats that were used on the N64. We have listed each of the STAR WARS Episode I: Racer Switch Cheats below and how to unlock them:

How To Input Star Wars Episode I Racer Switch Cheats:

To input cheat codes, Go to create a new profile (You can do this in Tournament, Free Play and Time Attack. When you have the alphabet scrolled along the top to input you profile name, hold the ZR button and select each letter of the cheat with the L button.

As you input a cheat code, the letters will appear briefly in the lower left-hand corner. Once you have finished typing the code, keep hold of the ZR button and press the L button on “End”. The words OK will then appear in the lower left-hand corner if typed correctly.


Cheat Codes:

Unlock All Cheat Codes: RRTANGENTABACUS *

Auto Pilot: Enter the code above for All Cheats, then hold repair and drift simultaneously during a race.

Unlock Mirror Mode: RRTHEBEAST *

Unlock Cy Yunga (Replaces Bullseye Navior): RRCYYUN

Unlock Jinn Reeso (Replaces Mars Guo): RRJINNRE

Invincibility: RRJABBA *

Access Cheats Menu: RRDEBUG

* These cheat codes will also unlock the Cheats Menu. In order to access the Cheats Menu, you must pause the screen during a race. Once paused, press Up, Left, Down, Right on the D-Pad (or Direction buttons on the Left Joy-Con).

In the Cheats Menu, you can turn cheats on and off as well as adjust various parameters.

We hope you found our STAR WARS Episode I: Racer Cheats Guide useful. If you have any issues, please let us know so we can inform the developers. We would also like to add that these cheats work with version 1.0.1 of the game.

There were a couple of issues in version 1.0.0 where cheats wouldn’t activate properly and the Cheats Menu was not accessible. These issues have now been resolved for v1.0.1 but should they not work in later versions, please let us know.



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  • Can not get the autopilot cheat to work

    • Autopilot is a strange one. It doesn’t always activate and when it does, it will navigate around the course laterally but can crash on ramps or small bumps on the track

  • If you come back to the game at a latter time it doesn’t work. It appears you can only use it in one sitting.

    • If you close the game and come back to it later, you will need to input the cheats again. They are not saved to the console. If you put the console in sleep mode, however, any cheats you activated before will still be activated.

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