If you are playing The Isle of Armor DLC for Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield, chances are you will have stumbled on an Alolan Diglett or two.

The first Alolan Diglett you will find is in the Fields of Honor, just before the bridge that takes you to the Dojo. After talking to the Diglett, it’s trainer will appear and thank you for finding it. The trainer tells you that he has another 150 Diglett that have disappeared and hidden all over the Isle of Armor.

Should you choose to find them, you can be rewarded Alolan Pokémon for your trouble. Just return to the Diglett Collector every now and again and he will gift you a Pokémon depending on how many Alolan Diglett you have found. We have listed the Gift Pokémon below and how many Alolan Diglett you will need to find before you can receive them.

5 Diglett – Alolan Meowth
10 Diglett – Alolan Slowpoke
20 Diglett – Alolan Vulpix
30 Diglett – Alolan Sandshrew
40 Diglett – Alolan Riachu
50 Diglett – Alolan Marowak
75 Diglett – Alolan Exeggucutor
100 Diglett  – Rowlet (If Grookey Was Chosen Starter)
100 Diglett – Litten (If Scorbunny Was Chosen Starter)
100 Diglett  – Popplio (If Sobble Was Chosen Starter)
150 Diglett – Alolan Diglett

Rough Alolan Diglett Guide:

This is by no means an exact guide to finding all of the Alolan Digletts. It is simply a list of where I have found Digletts so far in each region. I hope it may serve you to find any Digletts that you are missing. I have also noted whether it was night time when I found the Diglett in case time makes a difference in whether they appear or not.


Fields of Honor – 19

#1. At the bridge before reaching the Master Dojo. This will be the first Diglett you will find.
#2. In the Allotment patch behind the Hiker that sells ingredients near Master Dojo.
#3. Follow the path on the right-hand side of the Master Dojo (past the allotment plots). You will find a Diglett near the tree at the end of the path.
#4. To the left-hand side of the Master Dojo, next to the large rock.
#5. Before you cross the bridge to go to the Master Dojo, turn right, and follow the river towards the sea. You will find a Diglett about halfway up the river.
#6. In the Sandy area close to the river mouth.
#7. Found behind a large outcrop to the left of the Bridge before crossing to go to the Master Dojo.
#8 At Night – Found on the ledge to the left of the bridge near Courageous Cavern entrance.
#9 & #10. In front of the Fields of Honor Station. Next to the two trees in front of the crates. There are two Digletts near the trees.
#11. At Night – Behind the crates at the Fields of Honor Station.
#12. At Night – Behind the Berry patch in front of Dojo.
#13. At Night – Found in a brown plant patch down the narrow path behind Fields of Honor Station.
#14. To the very left side of the Master Dojo. Follow the path all the way until it ends. In the corner, you will find a Diglett.
#15. Take the large path from the Dojo that heads to the Soothing Wetlands. on the left-hand side, you will find a Diglett at some point.
#16. At Night – Between the bridge and the Master Dojo. You will find a Diglet between a patch of brown plants.
#17. At Night – Between the bridge and the Master Dojo, head over to the right, towards the river mouth. In the corner of the river mouth is a Diglett.
#18. At Night – In front of the Master Dojo before the base of the ramp.
#19. At Night – Where the Sandy area goes towards the river mouth. You can find a Diglett on the grass.


Courageous Cavern – 7

#1. Enter the cavern entrance via Fields of Honor river. To the right along the river, you will find a dirt path. There is a Diglett in at the end of this path.

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