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Shantae and the Seven Sirens may not have as many transformations as in previous games but it does have five transformations and four Fusion Magic powers. Now before I tell you where you get them and what they do, I must point out that there are spoilers ahead so if you are not worried about that then by all means continue.

Fusion Magic powers and transformations are given to you at certain points of the story and require them in order to progress forward. Animal transformations are given to you in the form of Fusion Coins by rescuing the half-genies inside the first five Labyrinths. Find the captured Genie and they will give you a fusion coin that will allow you to temporarily transform into any of the five following critters.

Newt (Can dash and climb up walls)
Gastro Drill (Can burrow through dirt)
(Can smash through stone blocks from the side and stomp on them from above)
Sea Frog – (Can swim underwater)
Octo Jet – (Can double and triple jump)


Here is where you can find them:

Newt – In Labyrinth #1: Water Lily’s Garden, find and rescue Plink. She will give you the Newt Fusion coin.

Gastro Drill – In Labyrinth #2 Coral Mine find and rescue Vera. She will give you the Gastro Drill Fusion coin.

Tortoise – In Labyrinth #3: Steam Vent Lab, find and rescue Zapple. She will give you the Tortoise Fusion coin.

Sea Frog – In Labyrinth #4: The Boiler, find and rescue Harmony. She will give you the Sea Frog Fusion Coin.

Octo Jet – In Labyrinth #5: Squid Pit, find and rescue the Zombie Half-Genie. She will give you the Octo Jet.


Fusion Magic

Fusion Magic is a special magic that can affect the environment and even damage foes. There are four types in total; Seer, Refresh, Shock, and Quake. These powers are also given to you by the Half-Genies after rescuing them and clearing the dungeon. However, you have to obtain a Fusion Stone first in order to transfer the Half-genies’ powers over to you.

These fetch quests can be a little confusing if you don’t know where to go. To help point you in the right direction, we have provided a little guide for each Fusion Dance power.

Please Note: that the following information is just to guide you towards what you need to do and where to go. It is not a step-by-step walkthrough of every path you need to take.


Seer Dance

After clearing Labyrinth #1 Water Lily’s Garden, go find Plink in the backstage room in Arena Town. She will tell you that she needs a Fusion Stone to transfer her power over to you. Go to the shop in Arena Town and talk to the Lady Scientist (the woman with glasses). She will ask you to find two barnacles.

Head to the very far left point of Island WestUse the Newt dash to get over the wide gap. When you reach a hut, go inside and find Bolo. He will tell you about something he has thrown in the trash. Go to the trash can and take out the Smooth Barnacle.

Now you need to head all the way over to Island East. Head towards where Risky Boots blew open the service hatch. Don’t go inside the hatch but jump over to the other side. Keep going right until you find an old man with a winch. to the right of the old man is the Lumpy Barnacle.

Now that you have both barnacles, return to the Lady Scientist and hand her the barnacles. She will give you the Fusion Stone. Go back to the Backstage Room where Plink is waiting and she will give you the Seer Dance. Performing this dance will allow you to see invisible objects, platforms, and enemies when used.


Refresh Dance

To get the Refresh Dance, clear Labyrinth #2: Coral Mine and return to Tree Town. In the hut at the very lower left of the screen, Vera is waiting. She will say to you that she is willing to trade her powers with you but you have to find her Lucky Amulet first. To do so, you will need to help the Scientist who awaits in Mossy Biome. You can find him south of the Service Hatch near Tree Town. 

The Scientist needs six Mermaid Shells that are buried in the sand in Deep Sea Domain (the dark blue maze that situated in the Southern part of the map). Getting the shells can be time-consuming as they are dotted all about in that region. Look for shining spots in the sand and move through them with the Drill Fusion. Once you have all six Mermaid Shells, return to the Scientist and give him the shells. In return, he will give you the Lucky Amulet that you can give back to Vera.

The Lucky Amulet turns out to be a Fusion Stone and will allow Vera to give you the Refresh Dance. The Refresh Dance will allow you to revive withered plants, defeat undead enemies, and purify poisoned waters. You can also recover two hearts when performing the dance.


Shock Dance

To get the Shock Dance, clear Labyrinth #3: The Steam Vent and find Zapple in Armor Town. She will be in her house in the far lower right part of the town. She will require you to bring her a Fusion Stone. You will need to visit the Ghost Lady in the Sunken Shipyard area (South West area on the map that is reachable via Mossy Biome Warp Point).

Talk to her and she will give you a Fusion Stone on the premise that you return her Scary Doll. Use the Warp Point in Sunken Shipyard to return to Armor Town. Go back to Zapple’s House and give her the Fusion Stone and she will give you the Shock Dance.

You can perform the Shock Dance to hurt foes in the room, power up terminals and turn on the lights in some areas.


Quake Dance

To get the Quake Dance, clear Labyrinth #4: The Boiler and talk with Harmony who is with the Ghost Lady. You will be sent on another fetch Quest to Deep Sea Domain. This time you must travel to the Southernmost Point of the map with a very long tunnel and a Ghost Dog waiting at the bottom of it.

Talk to the Ghost Dog and she will give you a Dog Collar. Take it to the Ghost Lady and she will reveal it to be a Fusion Stone. Harmony is no longer in this area and has gone up into the Mining Site (Just North of the Sunken Shipyard, accessible with Frog Fusion Magic).

If entering Mining Site from Sunken Shipyard, Go all the way up, all the way right, all the way down, and then all the way left to find Harmony. Give her the Fusion Stone and she will give you the Quake Dance. By performing the Quake Dance, you can hurt foes in the room, shake hidden items loose, move certain parts of walls blocking access (not stone blocks) and unveil Statues.


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