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Like with a few of the previous events we’ve seen in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the current Wedding Season event can see players earn their very own Wedding Wand, but regular event participation is required.

So, to ensure you don’t have to miss out on this magical item, here’s a quick little guide dedicated to how to obtain it and the items necessary to craft it.nd it’s time to decorate a kitchen converted into a chapel, take some special snapshots and start earning special wedding-themed items built by the one and only, Cyrus!

And, since this is a guide, here’s everything you could possibly need to know, with more details being added. Now, for those who don’t require a quick lesson on what Wedding Season is, how it works and how long it lasts for, we suggest you skip to Section 4. 

Section 1: What is Wedding Season?:

Wedding Season is no different to Earth Day, it is an event that takes place in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where you can get Wedding Themed items.

Incidentally, Wedding Season also has a story involving Reese and Cyrus celebrating their anniversary, which Harvey requires your help with and it takes place on Harv’s Island.


Section 2: How long does Wedding Season Last?:

Wedding Season gets underway on the first of June and runs for the entirey of the month, with new content added.


Section 3: How does the Wedding Season Work?:

With Reese and Cyrus celebrating their anniversary, players must race to Harv’s Island, to help him and the loving couple, take plenty of snaps all throughtout the month of June.

On the first day of the event, players will be introduced to the couple and once you’ve agreed to help, you’ll be taking into a different studio, which was once Harvey’s kitchen, but has been converted for a photo shoot. (On the first day of the event, this particular “shoot” is a recreation of Reese and Cyrus’ wedding day.)


Players will be tasked with decorating the chapel, with Reese on hand to tell you what she likes and Cyrus suppling you with special themed items, which on Day 1, consists of just five items. For instance, she’ll tell you she likes things that are pink and white, but players, if they choose to, can alter the colour of the objects they wish to place, such as yellow followers.

As long as you place at least 12 items before taking a photo of the happy couple and showing it to Reese, you can earn a maximum of 11 Heart Crystals. However, if you keep sticking to the event, after the first 7 days, the maximum will change to 15, (all items will need to be available to you), so when decorating the sets, the more is the merrier. with a total of 15 Heart Crystals being available to you as a reward.


Section 4: How do you Obtain the Wedding Wand?:

To acquire the wand, players will need to assist Reese and Cyrus on seven different days (the sixth day being the day of the Wedding Party.)

Once you have successfully completed the seventh photo shoot, you will actually be given two Recipes. One by Reese (Wedding fence DIY Recipe) and one by Cyrus (Wedding Wand DIY Recipe.)


Section 5: What Materials are needed to Craft the Wedding Wand?:

With the recipes to hand, you will then need to craft the Wedding Wand, which  requires the following items:

  • Wedding flower stand x1
  • Star Fragment x3


Star Fragments can be found on the beach, the day after you have successfully wished on shooting stars,  whereas the Wedding flower stand can be obtained via Cyrus, whom you can exchange 4 Heart Crystals with.

However, you can also get one from Reese as a gift for helping out on the first day of the event, as for the materials required for the Wedding fence, they are:

  • Iron nugget x5
  • Softwood x3


We hope you found this guide helpful!





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