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So, you have bought The Outer Worlds and you want to get the most out of it and start off on the right foot. We have put together a list of hints, tips, and secrets to help you do exactly that. There are no cheat codes to input to simply magic into existence heavy weapons or instant currency. However, with a bit of elbow grease and know-how, you will soon be lording it up over the corporations and Marauders like a boss.

Steal First, Seek Forgiveness Later:

More often than not, you can sweet-talk your way out of most situations. Stealing is the first and foremost, most easiest way to earn a quick buck. Looting bodies can net you a small fix for funds but with the right tools and skills, you can break into areas that are normally inaccessible. Use Mag-Picks and Cyber Shunts to lockpick or hack your way through containers or doors and see what you can find waiting for you.

In the worst case that you get caught by a nosy observer, make sure you have high Dialog skills so you can lie, persuade, or intimidate efficiently. You can usually get off with a slapped wrist and lose reputation instead of having to pay a hefty fine

Gear Up And Head Out:

As you enter Edgewater look around for the Barbershop. Head inside and make your way to the back room. Inside there is a dead guard. Shut the door behind you so no-one outside can see what you are doing and then loot the body. The guard will normally have guard armor in their possession that, when equipped, will increase your armor rating up to 9. In the case that there isn’t any armor, you may find a light machine gun and ammo instead.

Companion Up!

You can set yourself up with two companions in the first couple of hours of the game. companions can increase your skills in certain fields just by having a companion qualified in those fields as well. As you head into Edgewater, go into the Cannery and take the elevator up to meet with Reed Tobson, the town overseer. After talking with him, you will be acquainted with your first companion Parvati. She has engineering skills and is capable with a firearm.

The Second companion is Vicar Max. If you agree to bring him the book he is looking for. He will eventually talk about leaving the planet. If you agree to have him join you as a ship hand, he will become available as a companion once you have your ship up and running.



Pack Mule & Fast Traveller Perks

When there are so many items to pick up and find, you can easily find yourself encumbered and will make it difficult to move. If you invest in the Pack Mule perk as soon as possible, you can carry an extra 50kg more than normal. This will allow you to hold more items that you can flog to earn extra cash. The Fast Traveller perk will allow you to fast travel even when you are overloaded. This is handy for getting back to your ship and taking advantage of the onboard containers to store excess stuff that you can sell later.


Why Buy When You Can Just Take?

Weapons are costly if you buy them from vendors. Instead, use workbenches to tinker with and upgrade weapons that you salvage off of dead marauders. They can carry anything from pistols and revolvers up to hunting rifles and assault rifles. These weapons will serve you well, allowing you to spend your hard-earned bits elsewhere.


We Got Skillz!

Unlock the Tinker skill to use at workbenches by upgrading the Science skill to 20+ You will be able to upgrade weapons and armor make them stronger at the cost of bits.

Unlock TTD Effects by upgrading the Handgun skill To 20+ and Melee to 40+. When you have TTD active, you will be able to cause status effects to your enemies. When shot in the leg, your enemies will slow down or stop. Shooting them in the arm will lower their attack. You can also stun them by shooting them in the head. You will be able to see what status effect could occur when you move the crosshair over each body part.

Unlock Leap by upgrading the Dodge skill to 20+. This will allow you to jump a lot further than usual and can help in obtaining loot that requires puzzle platforming to reach.


Keep Your Companions Alive By Altering AI Behaviour

On Supernova difficulty, if any of your companions are killed either during a firefight, by a creature, or for some other reason, they will stay dead for the rest of the game. You can minimize this happening by going to settings and altering the AI behavior of your party members. Change their behavior to make them more passive so they will opt to fight enemies at a distance with ranged weapons. At the start of the game, your companions will most likely have relatively low-class weapons and armor. This means that there is a higher chance of them dying prematurely by higher-powered enemies.


Supernova Auto-Saves

When playing on the Supernova difficulty, autosaves are very limited and only reserved for when on board the Unreliable. However, you can create auto-saves when fast traveling back to your ship. By doing so, an autosave is generated at the location you just fast travel from. You can then load up this autosave as a way to fast travel back to the location seeing as the conventional way is not possible on Supernova difficulty.

Take Out Large Groups Using Stealth

When you instant kill an enemy, you won’t alert others of your presence. Stalk your enemies like Marauders from the long grass patches and take them out one by one with a well-aimed headshot. You can drop multiple enemies likes as long as you give time for the alert level to drop

Save Parts To Repair Weapons Later

You can break down spare weapons and armor that you find to keep their parts. These parts will come in handy when any of your weapons lose efficiency and require repairs. By keeping the parts, you will not need to spend bits to repair your broken wears at the General Store. If you are at a loss for parts though, you will have to spend bits to repair them or find other weapons.

Pristine Weapons & Armor Are Worth More Than Standard

While they are not any better than their standard counterparts, Pristine Weapons and Armor are worth twice as much to Vendors. They are marked with a diamond symbol and are much rarer to find. However, they are not worth breaking down for parts. Instead, keep hold of them to sell instead for a bits


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