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Thanks to Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected, lovers of the series are now free to explore the once cut Bionis’ Shoulder, but why settle for just discovering all the main landmarks, when there are two Secret Areas to discover as well

So, for the players who have yet to discover them for yourselves, join us as we tell how to reach them in our latest guide:


Secret Area #1 (Eternal Zenith)


Area: Bionis’ Shoulder

Starting Point: Grand Arch

How to Reach it: Starting from Grand Arch, head over to the raised platform to your right and head up it. Following the upwards trek, climb the spiral trail and keep going, right up until the point where a simple path then requires a bit of jumping and just keep going up. As long as you persevere, you’ll soon reach Eternal Zenith and get to take in its beautiful view.



Secret Area #2 (Cloudtop Lookout)


Area: Bionis’ Shoulder

Starting Point: Xen’s Thoroughfare

How to Reach it: From the landmark Xen’s Thoroughfare, players will want to begin making the long upwards to Lamentation Ridge and simply continue heading forwards, until you come across the very clifface at the end and thus find yourself having arrived at Cloudtop Lookout.


We hope you found this guide helpful!

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