Welcome back to another Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected guide and this time, we’re covering the Collectopaedia.

Due to the fact there are only two main areas in Future Connected, (Bionis’ Shoulder and Alcamoth,) there are only two pages you will need to complete, with 20 specific collectables being required to fill out the first page and 8 collectables for second page.

Some collectables are harder to obtain than others, such as the Gentleclam as the collectables you gather, can be random, but there is a side quest nearer to the end of the game called “A Surefire Hit,” which actually tasks you with collecting gentleclams and will direct you to them, provided they’re currently available on the map.

There is also a second side quest called Hook, Line and Sinker, which makes it even easier to obtain multiple gentleclams.

All items required for completing the collectopaedia and their associated rewards can be seen detailed below:


Collectopaedia: Bionis’ Shoulder

To complete the Bionis’ Shoulder Collectopaedia page, players are to obtain the following objects:

  • Veg: Rainbow Carrot x1
  • Veg: High Leaf x1
  • Veg: Cream Wheat x1
  • Veg: Morrow Cob x1
  • Veg: Kilopumpkin x1
  • Animal: Angel Bream x1
  • Animal: Gentleclam x1
  • Animal: Sky Mole x1
  • Animal: Blade Bird x1
  • Animal: Palmtop Elephant x1
  • Parts: Half Part x1
  • Parts: Snare Aware x1
  • Parts: Subzero Steel x1
  • Parts: Blaze Chain x1
  • Parts: Congenial Cogs x1
  • Strange: Swirly Slash x1
  • Strange: Hero Nipper x1
  • Strange: Highlightning x1
  • Strange: Dubious Sculpture x1
  • Strange: Shimmertumble x1



Bionis’ Shoulder Collectopaedia Completion Rewards:

  • Valek Corsage – Reward for Completing the Veg Cateogory
  • Valek Bracelets – Reward for Completing the Animal Cateogory
  • Valek Skirt – Reward for Completing the Parts Cateogory
  • Valek Sandals – Reward for Completing the Strange Cateogory
  • Valek Top – Reward for Completing all Cateogories



Collectopaedia: Alcamoth


To complete the Alcamoth Collectopaedia page, players are to obtain the following objects:

  • Fruit: Cool Lemon x1
  • Fruit: Heart Peach x1
  • Flower: Mystic Dahlia x1
  • Flower: Stardrop x1
  • Animal: Nanoceros x1
  • Animal: Mane Cat x1
  • Strange: Ha Ha Ha x1
  • Strange: Thunder Atmos x1



Alcamoth Collectopaedia Completion Rewards:


  • Trendy Goggles – Reward for Completing the Fruit Cateogory
  • Trendy Gloves – Reward for Completing the Flower Cateogory
  • Trendy Leggings – Reward for Completing the Animal Cateogory
  • Trendy Fins – Reward for Completing the Strange Cateogory
  • Trendy Hoodie – Reward for Completing all Cateogories


Now, while we will be able to put you in the ballpark for the Bionis’ Shoulder collectables, the Alcamoth ones, do tend to rely more on your own personal luck. We do want to put out however that the Bionis’ Shoulder collectables do essentially appear all over the entire area, just in some particular areas, the collectables are more common.

  • Veg: Rainbow Carrot (North of Navvir Highland)
  • Veg: High Leaf (Navvir Highland)
  • Veg: Cream Wheat (Halycon Wheats / Cinnabar Plateau)
  • Veg: Morrow Cob (Navvir Highland)
  • Veg: Kilopumpkin (North of Navvir Highland)
  • Animal: Angel Bream (Agni’s Birthplace)
  • Animal: Gentleclam (Purifying Falls/Tranquil Tarn/Agni’s Birthplace)
  • Animal: Sky Mole (Navvir Highland)
  • Animal: Blade Bird (Navvir Highland / Halcyon Wheats / Agni’s Birthplace)
  • Animal: Palmtop Elephant (Thulles Way)
  • Parts: Half Part (Zekr Marga Quarry)
  • Parts: Snare Aware (Agni’s Skygarden Ruins)
  • Parts: Subzero Steel (North of Navvir Highland / Cinnabar Plateau)
  • Parts: Blaze Chain (West of Halycon Wheats)
  • Parts: Congenial Cogs (Pillar Knoll)
  • Strange: Swirly Slash (Purifying Falls / Cinnabar Plateau)
  • Strange: Hero Nipper (Purifying Falls)
  • Strange: Highlightning (Cinnabar Plateau)
  • Strange: Dubious Sculpture (Zekr Marga Quarry)
  • Strange: Shimmertumble (Agni’s Birthplace)

We hope you found this guide helpful!

By Jack Longman

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  1. Yeah, well, you tell the name of the items, but you don’t actually tell us where exactly to find them.

    1. That’s because the majority of the items typically appear all over the Bionis’ Shoulder, but the Gentleclams, which can appear in any body of water, is such a rare spawn, that the easiest way to get it, is during the Hook, Line and Sinker sidequest.

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