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Nintendo has released a new overview trailer for their upcoming game 51 Worldwide Games. The overview trailer showcases a number of games, playstyles, and game modes. One particular mode that is featured in the trailer is Mosaic Mode. This game mode allows four Nintendo Switch consoles to connect via Local Wireless to form a larger play area.

You can find more details for 51 Worldwide Games and the overview trailer below.


A world of games awaits when 51 Worldwide Games releases on 5th June for Nintendo Switch

18th May, 2020 – Players can get cosy with friends and family to enjoy a diverse collection of timeless favourites in 51 Worldwide Games, which launches for Nintendo Switch on 5th June and is available for digital pre-load now. From ancient board games to modern classics, relaxing solitaire games to fast-paced toy sports, the collection includes games that have shaped cultures all around the world.

The newest 51 Worldwide Games – Overview Trailer (Nintendo Switch) not only shows the wide variety of game types to be enjoyed in local and online multiplayer*, but also the different modes players can use. The Nintendo Switch console can be placed flat on the table between players to turn it into a virtual game board for some head-to-head action, and the perspective also adjusts to provide the optimal view.

Players can also connect up to four systems** via local communication to enjoy social favourites such as Texas Hold ’em in local multiplayer or head online to play with friends or be matched with rivals around the world.

With Mosaic Mode, up to four consoles can be connected via local communication and lined up to form one big playing area. They can even be arranged in different ways to change the layout.

All games come with short, narrated introductions to get players started with the basics, while step-by-step tutorials provide in-depth strategies and tips for more challenging games. There are also interesting facts about each game to check out, for example the fact that the boxing “ring” got its name, because originally it was formed by people standing in a circle and holding hands.

Depending on the game, players can also experiment with different control options like, button and touch controls – or motion controls for games like Bowling or Darts.

There’s a world of games waiting to be discovered when 51 Worldwide Games launches for Nintendo Switch on 5th June. Check out the new [tba] trailer for a look at the diverse range of game types, modes and playstyles on offer in this collection of classic tabletop games from around the globe. 51 Worldwide Games is available for digital pre-load from Nintendo eShop now.

Source: Nintendo UK PR

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