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CD Projekt has revealed that  The Witcher III: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition has sold around 700,000 copies on Nintendo Switch last year. This information comes from CD Projekt’s latest management board report that depicts sales and other information about its games. (You can find the following graph on page 52/135).


The Witcher III: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition released on October 15th, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch. This means that the numbers it accumulated of 11% of sales throughout 2019 are not bad at all considering that the game was only on the hybrid console for two and a half months.

The release of Season One of The Witcher on Netflix around that time probably spurred interest and helped numbers as well. There are also a large number of people that most likely only had Nintendo consoles around the time of The Witcher III’s initial release in 2015. Having the game release on Switch gave an opportunity for gamers to pick it up on their preferred games console.

Source: CD Projekt Management Board Report.PDF

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