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Yeah, Baby! Saints Row IV: Re-elected is on Nintendo Switch and it is time to bust out the big guns! So, sure you can unlock everything you need to by progressing through the game naturally but there is no shame to getting yours hands on all the goodies, right from the get-go (Not where the saints are concerned anyway).  Much like Saints Row: The Third –  The Full Package, there are plenty of cheats to whet your appetite. Those aliens are not going to know what hit them when you start using any of our Saints Row IV: Re-elected Switch Cheats on them.


Now, all of these cheats work in any version of the game, not just on Nintendo Switch. In order to input them, you need to go to the pause menu in-game and select Extras. You will then find the Cheats option next to Stats. You can input your code in Add Cheat. Upon doing so, you will gain access to the Cheat Menu that will list all the cheats you have unlocked.

The video below will show you how to access and input cheats.

After you have typed in the cheat codes, they will be organized into their respective Folders. They do not get activated upon being typed it can be when selected in the Cheat Menu. It must be said that by using cheats, you will turn off the Autosave function. You can turn it back on after deactivating any cheats that you have on.

So, let’s get to it, here are the cheats.

Gameplay Cheats

  • cheese – Give Cash ($100,000)
  • goodygoody – Clear Notoriety – goodygoody
  • runfast- Infinite Sprint
  • nowardens – Disable Warden Spawns
  • instantwarden – Instant Warden Notoriety
  • ascii – ASCII mode
  • bigheadmode – Big Head mode
  • noglitchcity – Disable Glitch FX –
  • fastforward – Fast Forward (time speeds up)
  • insanecity – Insane City
  • mascot – Mascots (mascot pedestrians)

Weapons Cheats

  • letsrock – All Weapons
  • dlc_unlimited_ammo – Infinite Ammo
  • dlc_unlimited_clip –Infinite Clip

Vehicle Cheats

  • vroom – Vehicle No Damage
  • repaircar – Repair current vehicle
  • givehovertank – Spawn alien hover tank
  • givetrouble – Spawn XOR (alien hoverbike)
  • isquishyou – Vehicle Smash (smash vehicles easily)
  • evilcars – Evil Cars


Super Powers

  • superblast – Unlock Blast
  • superbuff – Unlock Buff
  • superdfa – Unlock Death From Above
  • superstomp – Unlock Stomp
  • supertk – Unlock Telekinesis
  • nosupermove – Disable Super Movement
  • nosuperpowers – Disable Super Powers

World Cheats

  • fryhole – Heaven Bound (corpses rise into the air)
  • hohoho – Pimps and Hos (pimps and prostitutes pedestrians)


Thank you for checking out this post. If there are any cheats that don’t work for you or there are some cheats missing from this list, please be sure to let us know in the comments.

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