Hey folks! Welcome back to our latest Mobile News Round-up! Brand new updates, features, and additions have arrived in both Dragalia Lost & Fire Emblem Heroes! News this week included the start of the Mega Man Crossover + Gala Dragalia in Dragalia Lost & a brand new Mythic Hero in Fire Emblem Heroes!

Dragalia Lost:


The Mega Man: Chaos Protocol event is now live in Dragalia Lost! Increase your friendship with Mega Man, a 5★ adventurer who appears in the event, to permanently add him to your team! Check out the official website for info about Mega Man!

Gala Dragalia is now live in Dragalia Lost! Gala Dragalia started at 11:00 PM PT on 11/27, featuring the limited-time adventurer Gala Elisanne!

Fire Emblem Heroes:


Mythic Hero Altina: Dawn’s Trueblade has descended into Special Maps. Mythic Hero Battles for Sothis and Duma, as well as Legendary Hero Battles for Julia, Marth, Tiki, and Lyn are back as well! Clear these maps to get Blessings, Orbs, and accessories! 


Altina, who battled Yune as one of the Three Heroes, appears in the Fire Emblem Heroes game as a Mythic Hero! In this Mythic Hero summoning event, 5★ focus Heroes will have an initial appearance rate of 8%! (The appearance rate for regular 5★ Heroes will be set to 0%.)

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