Hey folks! Welcome back to our latest Mobile News Round-up! Brand new updates, features, and additions have arrived in both Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp & Mario Kart Tour! News this week included the start of the Winter Tour in Mario Kart Tour, and the version 3.0.0 and Pocket Camp Club for AC Pocket Camp.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp:


The next scavenger hunt has begun! Are you ready to get back to basics? Collect enough all-natural gyroidite, and you can enjoy a peaceful night under a starry sky just as nature intended. Sometimes simplicity is best, don’t you think?

The ACPC Club service will begin on 11/20 at 10:00pm PT! Our launch video will introduce you to the two plans on offer. One lets you pick an animal to follow you around and help out, and the other gives you access to storage warehouses…and a monthly supply of fortune cookies!

Mario Kart Tour:

Races are about to get a lot snowier in Mario Kart Tour when the Winter tour starts on 11/19 at 10pm PT! There are no snowplows in these parts, so you’ll have to burn some rubber and clear the road! 


Festive trees will sprout up during the holiday season in #MarioKartTour! Their sparkling decorations really brighten the place up, especially with those stars up top! Enjoy the sights, but keep your eyes on the road! #MKT

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