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Hello all! We have much more content planned for this week. This Tuesday, Lady Sugacube is back again with the next installment of Lady Sugacube’s Gamescapades. This week, she talks about video games and mental health from another point of view and how they acted as an aid in her growing up and helped with her studies in school.

We also have an exclusive interview with game developers Storm in a Teacup to talk about their game Close To The Sun. The Game is a first-person horror adventure game that takes place in an alternate 19th century in a world where Nikola Tesla won the race against Edison and invented a magnificent ship called Helios. Scientists from all over the world were invited onto the ship to help expand their research but something goes horribly wrong.

This Wednesday, We have reviews for Neo Cab and Stranded Sails: Explorers Of The Cursed Islands. These are penned by the talented Lady Sugarcube and Jonathan Ober respectfully.

Thursday is October 31st, AKA Halloween!!!! Or henceforth known as Luigi’s Mansion 3 Day. Whilst we will still be covering the latest releases for this week on Nintendo Switch, we will be having our very own little Halloween party with friends, videogames and spooky movies.

Friday, we will have the Weekly News Round-up, covering some of the stories for this week. Saturday, it will be over to Switch Nindies to cover the Weekly Mobile News stories. Gameplay Sunday this week will consist of Gameplay of Luigi’s Mansion 3, Close To The Sun and Resident Evil 5.

Of course, before we go. We best announce the winner of our Luigi’s Mansion 3 Giveaway. We asked you all to comment on your favourite spooky games to play on Nintendo Switch. Everyone, we would like to thank you all for participating and would like you to congratulate Brett Hill aka Brett_Sevendaze for winning our Giveaway. We will be in touch with you shortly Brett. To everyone else that participated, we have yet another giveaway coming next month. Anyone interested in Pokémon perchance???

Until next time all, Keep On Gaming!

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