Hey folks! Welcome back to a special Sunday version of our latest Mobile News Round-up! Brand new updates, features, and additions have arrived in both Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp & Mario Kart Tour! News this week included the arrival of some new event goals in ACPC & the arrival of the Halloween Tour in Mario Kart Tour! 

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp:


Brace yourselves, campers… It’s time to Go for the Goals! Complete as many goals as possible, and receive lots of terrific rewards, such as Leaf Tickets and sparkle stones! It’s never been a better time to be an over-achiever.


The results are in! The total number of peacock butterflies you campers caught is…


Amazing! We even beat the additional goal! Everyone will receive two scrumptious fortune cookies and 50 Leaf Tickets as a reward. Check your mailbox at 11:00pm PT on 10/25.

Mario Kart Tour:

(Boo!!) Halloween Tour is here!

A slightly spooky Halloween-themed tour is now available in Mario Kart Tour until 11/5, 9:59pm PT!

Roast the competition with Rosalina in her cute witch costume, or use King Boo to blast your way through the Luigi’s Mansion course! Trick-or-Treat!


Happy Halloween! It’s a season of thrills and chills in Mario Kart Tour, and Luigi has arrived just in time to race down courses with spooky spirits around every corner! 


Here are some tour gifts you can get from the Halloween tour! This tour’s featured gift is Bowser, and Gold Pass subscribers also have the chance to get Peachette! Tours last for two weeks, so collect as many Grand Stars and gifts as you can!

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