Pokémon GO Trainers, new special research is now available for the Mythical  Jirachi! Themed rewards and special quests are now available, complete them and get a Jirachi of your own!

For details on how to complete this special research, and for a list of quests, check out our guide. Pokémon GO: How to complete A Thousand-Year Slumber!


Jirachi Has Awoken!

We’re excited to announce that Jirachi is now available for all Trainers via Special Research!

For those who have already completed the exclusive Pokémon GO Fest Special Research and have caught the Wish Pokémon, completing this new Special Research will earn you Candy to power up your Jirachi.

On behalf of Professor Willow and the team leaders, thank you for tackling the Global Challenge with such electrifying, cool-headed, and fiery passion. Even if we have our team allegiances, we’ll always be bonded by our shared love of Pokémon. When we work together, anything is possible!

Now…who’s ready to experience a taste of Unova for the very first time in Pokémon GO?

—The Pokémon GO team

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