You have been planning your trip to Cologne, Germany to attend Gamescom for months. You got your hotel sorted, taxi booked and managed to get your flights at a reasonable price. RyanAir had a great deal of return flights for around £60. Well a spanner has been thrown in the works and your carefully thought-out plans have been skewered two weeks before the big trip.

Some of RyanAir’s pilots that are members of the British Pilot’s trade union (Balba) have decided to go on strike on August 22nd-23rd (Thursday and Friday). Those who have flights home to the UK may be affected and most likely need to look for alternate flights and even accomodation.

Unfortunately, even now there has been no news on which RyanAir flights will be affected, though it seems to only be those by UK based pilots and flights to and from the UK, most notably, London Stansted airport. This doesn’t just affect those going to Gamescom but anywhere. If your flight is during the 22nd-23rd, you can change the flight for another one on a different day. For those that wish to cancel their flight are out of luck as RyanAir doesn’t permit refunds. You can try to claim against them but it will eventually have to go to court.

For those looking for alternate flights and can’t wait for RyanAir to give the all clear, Eurowings has flights on Friday morning at 7:00 and 7:15. You will be looking around €80-120 since the writing of this article. For anyone who has flights with RyanAir on the Saturday, your flights should be unaffected.

Gamescom is being held in Cologne, Germany this August from Tuesday 20th until Sunday 24th.

Source: The Guardian

By Mike Scorpio

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