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Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night can be quite a challenge and without the right equipment or food, you will most likely find yourself in sticky situations where Death is the most likely outcome. As well as potions to keep your strength up, you can cook meals using ingredients you find, buy or farm.

Things like Rice, Potatoes and Corn can be farmed by planting seeds in a farm but where is the farm? Well, Prima Games have written a short online guide as to where to find the farm. We have provide a short explanation below.

The farm is located near where your ship is docked, on the left side of Arantville. You can use fast travel rooms to get there faster if you are deep within the confines of the castle.

There is a farmer named Harry who can plant the seeds you give him. If you return sometime later, he will give you five portions of each crop you gave him. You can pass the time by going to the castle and doing a bit of monster slaying.

Prima Games also has some other guides for Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night. They include how to get Alkahest or Beast Milk. Be sure to check them out on the Prima Games website.

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