Crash Team Racing

If any of you have recently picked up CTR Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled for Nintendo Switch, you may have noticed that the control scheme seems a little counter intuitive. The B button is to accelerate, A is to use items, X toggles map & speedometer and ZR is the rear camera. With this layout, your right thumb is restricted and you risk slowing down when trying to use items or changing the map.

Fortunately, you can change to another control scheme that is much easier for players to navigate. To do so, you will need to pause the game and press X to access the options menu. You will then be given three new menus to choose from; Gameplay, Audio and Controls. Select controls and then you will be given a choice between two control schemes and the option to turn vibration On/Off.

We have screenshots of both control schemes below

CTR Standard Control Scheme

CTR Alternate Control Scheme

As a bonus, we will also tell you how to perform the power slide boost. First you must hop in your kart (Standard L/R, Alternate B/L) and turn in the direction you plan to go. Once you have built up enough boost power, you must press the alternative powerslide button (Standard R/L, Alternate L/B) to initiate the boost. If you keep the boost meter going, you can boost multiple times consecutively.

Try it out and let us know if it helps.

By Mike Scorpio

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