The Limited Run Games press conference for E3 has just wrapped up and with it comes 10 upcoming Physical releases for Nintendo Switch and 1 3DS title! Do you plan on buying any of these titles?

The folks at LRG kicked things off with the reveal of Night in the woods. It’ll receive a physical release later this year.


Next up they announced Power Rangers Battle For The Grid which is available today at!


For their third reveal, they announced Transistor for a July 5th release.


For their fourth reveal, they announced Bad North for a Q3 release.


For their fifth reveal, they announced Rogue Legacy for a July 19th release.


For their sixth & seventh reveal they announced a dual collection for Turok 1 & 2. It’ll see a release in Q3 2019.


For their eighth reveal, they announced Freedom Planet for a June 21st release.


Their ninth reveal included a surprise, a Nintendo 3DS game! The Atooi Collection!

This collection includes Mutant Mudds Deluxe, Bomb Monkey, Xeodrifter, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge, and Chicken Wiggle!


Their final reveal included Real Myst. It’ll release Q3 2019.


Source: Limited Run Games

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