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The countdown to E3 is certainly on. We are just 12 days away from one of the biggest gaming events of the year. Nintendo has just announced its E3 tournaments via @NintendoVS on twitter. There will be a Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Splatoon 2 world championships for 2019. A Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational will also be held

The & World Championships 2019 are close, don’t forget to tune in to see who will be crowned Champion! The Invitational 2019 will kick off the action on 6/8 11am PT!

Super Smash Bros:

For the super smash bros championship there will be a 3v3 rule set. There will be four teams: USA, Japan, Europe and Australia. It will kick off at 2pm ET on 8th June. There will also be four announcers whom are;

Jordan Kent




The tournament format is split into three sections.

Tournament Format

Seeding round

1v1 & 2v2
Total Score
Items LOW, minus Poké Balls™, Master Balls, and Assist Trophies

Bracket Rounds

Squad Strike: Tag Team
Best of 3
Single Elimination
Items LOW, minus Poké Balls, Master Balls, and Assist Trophies


Squad Strike Tag Team
Best of 5
Items LOW, minus Poké Balls, Master Balls, and Assist Trophies

The full rule set can be found here

Each member of the winning team will win a 3v3 medal and a trophy.

Splatoon 2:

The Splatoon 2 world championship will kick off at 2:30 PM ET. Once again there are four teams which are USA, Japan, Europe and Australia. The tournament format is as follows:

Tournament Format

Seeding round (Ink Pools)

Turf War

Semi-finals Ranked Modes (Best of 5)

Tower Control
Clam Blitz
Splat Zones
Tower Control*

Finals Ranked Modes (Best of 7)

Tower Control
Clam Blitz
Splat Zones
Splat Zones*
Tower Control*

The winning team will each win a medal and a sterling squid trophy which will be sent to the winning teams regional Nintendo Headquarters.

Once again the full rule set can be found here for splatoon 2

Super Mario Maker 2:

The Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational will kick off at 2 pm ET so be careful as there may be a clash between Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Maker 2. The tournament format is as follows:

Players will take on a variety of original courses designed by Nintendo’s Tree house.

Round One

The four players will each compete in timed speed runs.

Round Two

Players will split into teams of two and work together to complete the course. The winning team will move onto the Finals.


The remaining two players will face off in three objective-based mini-courses and one final course to determine the champion.

The announcers for this invitational are Jordan Kent, Nine and Vish. I think it is interesting how the courses are designed by Nintendo’s Treehouse. Let’s hope they make some interesting courses for us to watch!. The winning team will win a Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational Trophy.

The full rule set for Mario Maker 2 can be found here

Nintendo states that 4 members of the Super Mario Maker community will attempt these courses. They have told us to stay tuned for more information so I assume we will find out who the participants are in the coming days

I can most certainly not wait any longer for E3. I am especially excited to hopefully see some Animal Crossing gameplay and a few other games. Are you excited for this tournament? Leave your thoughts below. What game are you most excited to hopefully see at E3?

Sources: Nintendo VS / Nintendo Smash Bros / Splatoon 2 / Super Mario Maker 2

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