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After rumours of Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition following Darksiders Warmastered onto the Nintendo Switch, Koch Media have added a listing for the game to their online shop. The listing has yet to display a box art image but a release date has been included, August 6th.

A lengthy description for Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition has also been included in the listing but it doesn’t list anything new like extra features.

Darksiders II presents the various exploits of death, one of the four apocalyptic riders. The action-packed story takes place parallel to the events of the original Darksiders game and drives its protagonist into an extensive game world. Tod intends to cleanse the name of his brother’s war because he was accused of initiating the apocalypse early. The players find themselves in different, creative-gloomy environments again; Among other things, explore the “White City” – an angelic base, or “The Eternal Throne” – a floating fortress where souls wait for their purification and are guarded by the Lords of the Dead. Death is not only the most dreaded of all apocalyptic riders, but also extremely nimble and relies on a combination of close and ranged attacks. Tod’s most important war machine is his huge, iconic sickle, which he wields next to an arsenal of different weapons and usable items to the best. It can run two different weapons at the same time, upgradeable equipment can be purchased and death has a powerful and terrifying companion: its mount Despair.


  • Play with death: Be the most feared of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, who can wipe out entire worlds and fight against forces beyond heaven and hell.
  • Epic Universe: Unlike anything the players have seen so far, Joe Mads has done fantastically.
  • Heaven / Hell: Explore moving game environments inspired by heaven and hell.
  • Selection & Customization: Create your own game experience with various armor, weapons and skill trees that allow you to create “your own death”.
  • Replayability: Explore a vast, open game world, experience dozens of side quests, and build your own death – with a complete leveling system, skill trees, and endless equipment combinations.
  • Agility: Death is an agile and fast character, a consummate acrobat that lets players explore the world like never before.

It should be only a matter of time before THQ Nordic make an official announcement.


Source: Koch Media Online Shop via LootPots

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