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Developer: SMG Studio

Publisher: SMG Studio

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Version Reviewed: eShop download

Category: Action, Arcade, Role-Playing, Strategy

No. of Players: 1 player

Release Date: May 06, 2019 (EU & NA)

Price: $7.99 USD



OTTTD stealth dropped on March 6th, 2019 after SMG Studios began hinting at an upcoming release on the Switch of a mystery game. During the short time hyping up their game they showed off a trailer which pulled the carpet out from underneath all of us as it started off looking like another Death Squared game. While I sit and hope for another Death Squared game to come to Switch, it was hilarious to have the poor red box decimated by a sniper from OTTTD.

SMG Studios had previously released their first title OTTTD on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS and now the game hits the Switch, where tower defense games are starting to find their footing. The game retains all of the original content from the previous releases, though it does not have touch screen controls on the Switch, which is somewhat depressing.

This is SMG Studio’s first game they made, but they are no slouches to Nintendo Switch release games. They have already released Super One More Jump and the aforementioned Death Square on the Nintendo Switch, and it doesn’t seem like they are tempering support for future game releases.


OTTTD is an over the top tower defense game which puts the HEROCORP™ on the front lines of defending Earth from some of the coolest, as well as oddest looking minions and boss fights. As the HEROCORP™ you are tasked with stopping waves of enemies coming from all sides of the game board from reaching your base. At the end of the day, this is a game about war and the stopping of enemy advancement on its way to devour the Earth and its people.


Along the way, you will place towers of varying munition style and upgrade them to strengthen your defenses as the swarms increase in size and strengthen themselves. The various towers include rapid firing guns, pulse cannons, ground to air missiles and more.

Each tower can be upgraded to increase the amount of gun turrets or missiles it can fire, as well as the rate in which the cooldown and radius of sight to target incoming enemies. Along with the tower building mechanic, you also command up to three troops on the battlefield to add strategic advantages against the onslaught.

There are engineers which can increase tower attack damage and repair towers during the battle by walking near them or using an upgradeable ability to repair a damaged tower from afar. There’s a rocketeer, which can bombard the battlefield with a targeted rain of fire onto a specific group of enemies.

With the rocketeer you can also head to the skies to quickly move around the map to reach another choking point on the battlefield. There are seven different hero classes of which you can only use three at a time. The heroes are with you along your journey and level up via a light RPG mechanic. The more you use each character the more they will level up. As you gain experience with each Hero you will be award skill points which can be used to increase passive, attack, and defensive abilities.

These abilities come in a variety of forms including: healing teammates, repairing towers, increasing tower defense and attack abilities for a short amount of time and many others. This mix and match gameplay style will appeal to those that tire of the basic tower defense strategy and want to change up their loadout from time to time.

Levels start out easy, along with an introductory tutorial there are over 80 main campaign levels and an endless mode as well. It is easy to quickly become overrun and lose health on your towers and base station, but with the leveling up mechanic, you can always play previously beat levels to gain some XP and possibly some skill points.


OTTTD has a ton of level variety, as well as enemy types, map locations, towers, heroes and more. There is more than enough packed into this small, and rather inexpensive game that will delight even casual tower defense players. The game does have three difficulty settings, and the hardest mode is truly for the veteran strategists.

The game is fun and has a hilarious reverence towards 80s and 90s sci-fi fantasy movies and characters. One of my favorites is your staple Arnold Schwarzenegger sounding tough guy. OTTTD also harkens back to some humor found in Space Balls and over the top campiness of the book/movie series Starship Troopers with its giant bug-like super bosses and slaughterhouse dead bodies strewn around the level after a successful win.


The sounds of the battlefield come inaptly applied with a slight over the top audio from gunfire blasting loudly, sniper shots that zip through the enemies, grunts and groans of heroes and enemies alike, and much more. The sound design of OTTTD is spot on lending itself to the campiness of the hero characters which sometimes suggest that they don’t want to be fighting and would rather leave the violence to others.

Each level has a background track, but that is quickly overshadowed by the main gun sounds and towers handling of the enemy attacks. I would say though that the game’s audio does sound pretty well thought out and I thoroughly enjoyed the sound bites delivered by the main cast during my battles.


OTTTD employs a top-down view of the battlefield which you can zoom in and out of easily with the right control stick. The maps are not huge, but you do have the ability to also pan easily around, or my favorite, cycle through towers and heroes using ZL/ZR and L/R respectively. This ability to quickly jump around the map was most helpful during larger skirmishes where managing your towers and heroes was pivotal in surviving the current wave of enemies coming at you.

Performance wise, the game is slick and I never experienced any hitches. One thing I would say is that once you unlock more heroes it can be a bit overwhelming in the level planning area to easily maneuver around upgrading each hero and applying skill points quickly.


If I could ask the developers for one thing it would be an alternative control style in which I can play the game entirely using touch screen controls. The ability to just point and maneuver troops around the map would be great. All in all, the Switch port of their previously released game is a welcome addition to the Switch tower defense game library.


The survival of humankind is your mission and OTTTD makes it a hilariously fun and challenging one. With a variety of gameplay elements, controllable heroes, and RPG skill tree and there’s hours upon hours of great times to spend with SMG Studios newest Switch release.





*A download key was provided by the Publisher for the purposes of this review

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