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As forewarned, Version 4.4.0 for Splatoon 2 will go live tonight and as such, the following official patch notes have been provided:

Splatoon 2 version 4.4.0

Splatoon 2 Version 4.4.0: [Released 01/29/19]


Changes to Multiplayer:

  • Changes have been made to the terrain in the following stages:


  • Specifications for some of the main weapons have been changed:


  • Specifications for some of the special weapons have been changed:


  • Specifications for certain gear abilities have been changed:


  • Points required for using specials have been changed for certain main weapons:


Changes to Ranked Battles:

  • Fixed an issue on The Reef where players from different teams would land in different locations when super jumping to a spot near a certain sponge.
  • Fixed an issue on Piranha Pit in which the ground beneath a player throwing out a Booyah Bomb would not be inked while standing between a conveyor belt and another piece of terrain.
  • Fixed an issue occurring during Rainmaker matches on Blackbelly Skatepark where placing an Ink Mine in a certain spot on the slopes added for this mode caused it to explode immediately.
  • Fixed an issue on Camp Triggerfish where super jumping from a specific location and then activating a Booyah Bomb when landing caused the player to be hurled outside the bounds of the stage.
  • Fixed an issue on Port Mackerel causing players to mistakenly clip into stage terrain when dodge rolling near the sponges in the center of the stage.
  • Fixed an issue on Wahoo World causing the jump marker for super jumps to enter into the stage terrain when the player landed in a specific location in the stage.
  • Fixed an issue on Wahoo World causing players activating a Booyah Bomb near the rotating central platform to be pushed by the platform inside a piece of stage terrain.
  • Fixed an issue occurring when a certain number of Swim Speed Up gear abilities were equipped, causing movement speed and swim speed when not attacking to be faster with a “slow” movement speed weapon equipped than with a “standard” movement speed weapon equipped.
    • The Splattershot and .52 Gal are examples of “standard” weapons, while the Dynamo Roller and E-liter 4K are examples of “slow” weapons.
  • Fixed an issue causing two players moving in squid form and doubled up on each other for long enough to become stuck.
  • Fixed an issue occurring after activating the Sting Ray, causing silhouettes of opponents to disappear suddenly after beginning to attack with ZR.
  • Fixed an issue occurring with weapons like the Mini Splatling where the effects of the Run Speed Up gear ability are easily noticeable, causing players with this equipment to run faster than intended while charging a shot with the Rainmaker.
  • Fixed an issue causing opponents using Dualie weapons to appear to move instantly to another location if they dodge rolled just as you landed from a super jump.


Changes to Salmon Run:

  • Fixed an issue preventing players using a Cannon from being able to hit groups of tightly packed enemies correctly.
  • Fixed an issue on Marooner’s Bay causing players to clip into stage terrain when sandwiched between a propeller lift and a Scrapper.


Other Changes:

  • Fixed an issue causing the shoulder strap of a player’s ink tank to disappear after being splatted by an opponent or falling into water.
  • Fixed an issue occurring in Clam Blitz while throwing clams, causing the red line on a player’s ink tank (which indicates the ink required to use the equipped sub weapon) to mistakenly appear in the lowest possible position.


Source: en-americas-support.nintendo.com

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