3 is the number of weeks it has been since I brought Fitness Boxing and begun my little experiment with it. 32 is the number of hours I have spent working out and 63,224 is the number of punches I have thrown and yet, 0 is the number of kilos and pounds I have lost.

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This is going to come across as being a little whiney, but while this week started off well, I am in a bad mood today. It is one thing to have no results in the first week or two, but nothing whatsoever after three weeks?

I am eating healthier, I am getting plenty of additional exercise in the form of a day that starting yesterday, has me waking up at 06:30 in the morning, just so that I can start work by eight and work 10 hours a day and that’s not in an office. It’s on a building site and being the youngest one on site, I’m the legs that is being ordered to do all of the fetching and carrying and ripping out bathrooms.

Furthermore, on Sunday just gone, I spent the best part of the morning going up and down ladders on a separate job, scrubbing walls clean so that in a couple of weeks’ time when the client is ready, I can apply a sealant to the walls and paint them.


I even decided to up the ante, by working out even more so, making every “off day” a day where I spend 40-50 minutes (depending on the exercises that are picked out for me,) doing my daily work-out and I got my sister to up the ante as well, but after 11 hours and 29 minutes, all I have to show for it, is gaining another ounce.

As for why I’m peeved, other than waking up early and leaving for work in the dark, without a cup of coffee in me, after today’s workout, which I just wasn’t feeling since I was tired from work and before I started to write this entry, I was reading an article by Nintendo Life that talks about those who are benefiting from the game.

I am really glad that Fitness Boxing is being able to help people and some in a huge way, but their success has me feeling jealous. My weight is a serious issue and having lost my dad last October due to a heart attack, his first one no less, I NEED to change my weight situation. I need to change a lot of things about my life, including how I earn a living during diurnal hours and where I live, but losing weight is a priority.

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A priority, which I am not able to fulfil by going to a gym, since any and everything I currently make is going straight into a pot, to fund my move back to England, since Brexit has started to affect my way of living in Spain and it’s just not viable to remain here any more.

My days are also pretty full since there is plenty to organise and a never-ending list of things to do, so for those reasons, going to a gym is just not on the cards for me, not when most of my workouts are at night anyway.

Like I said, this entry is going to be whiney and clearly, the constant sessions of 40 minute workouts that are focused on biceps, core or full body, are just not cutting it. That or my scales are broken. Essentially though, what I had hoped would be a turning point, ie a more intense week that should get even the smallest of results, was anything but. Anyhow, since I have taken up more than enough of your time, here’s the latest batch of statistics:

Solid Jack’s Fitness Boxing Statistics: (Day 22)

Current weight: 107 kilos

Total Exercise Duration: 32:34

Estimated Calorie Burn: 28,546 kcal

Punches Thrown: 63,224

Best Fitness Age: 18


Solid Jack’s Fitness Boxing Statistics: (Day 15)

Current weight: 107 kilos

Total Exercise Duration: 20:55

Estimated Calorie Burn: 18,230 kcal

Punches Thrown: 40,629 punches

Best Fitness Age: 18


Solid Jack’s Fitness Boxing Statistics: (Day 8)

Current weight: 106 kilos

Total Exercise Duration: 10:01

Estimated Calorie Burn: 8,353 kcal

Punches Thrown: 19,455 punches

Best Fitness Age: 20


Given my current employment, I doubt I will spend much time with Fitness Boxing this week, but I will do what I can, when I can, I will be back again next week and hopefully in a better mode.

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Until next time, keep on gaming!

By Jack Longman

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