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SVC Games have announced that their game Debris Infinity has recieved a new update, bringing the game up to version 1.5.0. The update adds some new features including a new “Easy Difficulty”, Friend Rankings and new HUD Customizations.

We have the Patch details below:

– Friend rankings, so you can compare your best scores among your peers who also own the game.

– Customizable HD Rumble: New and improved rumble effects have been created for different events which can be toggled in the options. For example, you can disable rumble for enemy explosions, or only use rumble when you are receiving an impact from enemies.

– Multiple HUD configurations, where you can choose an integrated HUD surrounding your ship, a more classic energy bar under the score or activate a “Zen Mode” where all trace of text and HUD elements is removed, leaving just you and your enemies on screen.

– New Options menu, with new settings such as Screen Shake toggle or disabling the “Level-up” voice clip.

– Easy mode, great for new players and practice, although scores won’t be used in the leaderboards in this mode.

– Quick rematch from the results screen, allowing you to start a new game with the last used settings inmediatly, pushing that “one more try” feeling further.


Source: SVC Games PR

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