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According to hackers in the Nintendo Switch Homebrew community, a new update for the Nintendo Switch is expected to drop within 24 hours.

The update will bring the Nintendo Switch up to version 7.0.0-30 and is believed to include language support for Chinese and Korean. There will most likely be “fixes to improve overall gameplay and stability”.

Media site Nintendo Soup are also hoping that SNES games for Nintendo Switch Online members will also be announced. I must admit, we kind of hope they will be announced too.

We will let you know if any more information comes to light

Source: Nintendo Soup

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  • Does it include a 1080p/60fps feature? I think that should be an easy walk in the park for them. Nintendo should kick it up the notch because Switch’s console performance is last gen at most. I wouldn’t want their Hybrid console to fall behind because their Switch is awesome for me.

    • Switch is the most powerful handheld console ever made.
      Power equal to ps4/xone = size similar to ps4/xone = power comsuption similat to ps4/xone = impossible to make it handheld now.

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