My Favourite Bros Moment

We have all had those sneaky moments where we sneak in some videogame time in the early hours of the morning. Nano551 shares his gaming moment where he let his sleeping unsuspected brother take the flak as their mum comes to investigate the sound of the TV at 5am in the morning.


Not my best, but one of many stories with my brother @godfree . He slept over my house for the weekend because he just bought Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast and I begged him to let me play. On the very first night I start up a new game and play from 3pm-5am. I didn’t even realize the time until my mother woke up for work and was rushing over to my room to see who the heck was awake at 5am watching tv. I panicked threw the controller on my brothers face waking him up and jumped into the top bunk. My mother ripped him a new one all while he was still trying to figure out what in the world just hit him in the face. She then yells “Turn that Nintendo off right now!! You’re going to wake up your brother!”, she never could tell the difference between consoles, as she slams the door on her way to work. Then I slowly hung my head down from the top bunk and said “hey umm did you save it first?” And I’ll never forget the look on my brothers face as he said “Yea….I saved it”



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