Developer: Christophe Galati

Publisher: Nicalis

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Category: Adventure, Action & Platformer

Release Date: October 30, 2018 (EU & NA)



Do you have what it takes to command the Octopi into war against the Humans? Save me Mr. Tako! will put your platforming skills to the test in a vast world both above and below water! Take on various puzzles, challenges, and more in this huge expanding world!

Save me Mr Tako switch review

Fans of their previously published titles such as The Binding of Isaac, and The End is Nigh, will need no introduction on Nicalis, but do you know the developer behind Save me Mr. Tako!? Christophe Galati is known as the main developer of Save me Mr. Tako! and as of right now, Save me Mr. Tako! is this developer’s only project to hit ever console. Will it be the only collaboration we see between him and Nicalis? Only time will tell, so in the meantime, let’s talk octopi!

Ever hear of talk of an impending war between octopi and humans? Well, the story of Save me Mr. Tako!, starts off with the player waking up on a ship and your fellow comrades and tentacles, are locked in battle against humans. You begin to explore your surroundings and learn about the war at hand.

Not long after his awakening, Mr. Tako will jump off the ship and decide to save a human by using his ink shooting abilities to try to put an end to this war between the octopi and humans. Will he succeed in doing so? You’ll have to play to find out since you won’t get any spoilers out of me!

The short stick is though, Save me Mr. Tako! does have a compelling story and memorable experiences that any lovers of the platformer genre, are sure to enjoy! Featuring six worlds to explore, sixteen dungeons, a variety of collectible hats, different built-in mini-games, and so much more, Save me Mr. Tako! certainly has plenty to offer, including an experience that is rewarding in the end!

As for how hard the game is, when playing Save me Mr. Tako!, there were instances where I felt challenged at times, but it’s all part of the game’s charm and helps Save me Mr. Tako! be the great title that it is. One example of the game’s greatness is the in-game hat system. Thanks to each hat giving Mr. Tako a new ability, it makes each one unique and worth collecting even more so.

In addition to the uniqueness though, the hats also helped to switch up the gameplay, which is always a nice touch in my mind! While not offering anything too overpowered, examples of these abilities include giving Mr. Tako access to firing arrows, shooting balls, or even protecting him from enemy attacks.

The gameplay consists of Mr. Tako going through different stages by navigating and avoiding (while sometimes making use) of various enemies and foes. Can’t make it to a certain section? Shoot an enemy to create a platform! You’ll temporarily have a platform for you to jump on and reach higher obstacles, but hurry as you’ll only have a couple seconds before the enemy “unfreezes”. Level navigation is typically the same throughout the entire game as you go from one part of a stage to the other side of a stage. Once a level is complete by going through the end door, you are back in the games Hub World which is filled with a number of doors with the level number above.

With regards to the mini-games, they are fun little challenges offered that may help you unlock more hats for Mr. Tako. One game consists of shooting or “Capturing” as many crabs as you could, while another asks you to cook different things.

These above mini-games can each be found within the town located in each world of the game. Just taking a look at the crab game, your in a room with cages on each side, your goal is to shoot them as they come out of their cages. As the time begins to tick down the crabs come out faster and in larger numbers with some even being on top of each other in a stack of 2!

The truth is, fans of the Game Boy era will feel right at home with Save me Mr. Tako! on the Nintendo Switch. The graphics and visuals have a monochrome aesthetic and even offer full customization options!

Featured in the game are sixteen different color options and styles that allow you to change up the look of your game. Backgrounds and sides can also be added to make the game feel like you’re playing on an actual Game Boy device! Even the games soundtrack sounds like a classic Game Boy adventure and that is pure quality right there.

Like all of the other games Nicalis has published on the Nintendo Switch, Save me Mr. Tako! is definitely a welcomed addition to their ever-growing line-up. Nicalis has captured the true essence of the game and it feels right at home on the Nintendo Switch and the controls, suffice to say, they feel exactly as they should for a game of Save me Mr. Tako’s calibre.

I truly did feel like I was playing an old retro Game Boy era game and the various in-game aesthetics have helped those feelings even more. Did I mention hats? There are 50 of them and the first thing I’m doing after finishing this review is going back to Save me Mr Tako!, to try to complete everything 100% and unlock the remaining hats that I have missed.



Does Nicalis truly capture the essence of Save me Mr. Tako! on the Nintendo Switch? Yes, and it is a welcomed addition to their line-up of Switch offerings. The game is a joy to play both on the TV and on the go which is truly where the game shined. The gameplay which was designed to feel like a Game Boy era game really felt the greatest when playing in handheld mode on the go. If you’re looking for an old-school retro platformer than Save me Mr. Tako! is the way to go on Nintendo Switch.





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