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Just in case this week’s piece of Splatoon 2’s last new stage, wasn’t enough, it seems the Inklings are about to have a new word to scream, for the Booyah Bomb is coming!

No details were provided as to when the Special Weapon would be added, but a couple of things were mentioned about it and photos were provided, so here’s everything we know about it, right now:

Booyah Bomb Splatoon

We just received more details on the new Special Weapon called the Booyah Bomb! Summon a powerful ball of ink, and then unleash it at your opponents for a big inkplosion. Once activated, charge it up faster by signaling “Booyah!”. Teammates can also get a small bonus to their special meter with “Booyah!” rally cries of their own!


Will you be doing a “Booyah!” of your own when the time comes? Let us know!



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