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Its #XenoWeek, Torna is out as part of the Expansion Pass tomorrow and it’s time for another Me, You & Xeno, so answering our Xeno and Xenoblade Chronicles related questions today, is Obliviouslifeform!

Me, You & Xeno with Obliviouslifeform


Q1. Name and/or Known Alias? I’m known as Obliviouslifeform online, creator of, or @OBLFT on Twitter.

Q2. What was the first Xeno game you played? Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, though I knew about the series for some time before I picked it up.

Q3. What was the last Xeno game you played? It’s hard to say, but I believe I was playing Xenoblade Chronicles X more recently than XC2.

Q4. Do you have a singular favourite Xeno game? I don’t personally have a favorite, as I feel that every game is distinct enough to be loved in its own way. I’d need to complete every game 100% before I decide.

Q5. What is it about Xenoblade Chronicles series that you love so much? Since I don’t have a favorite, I’ll answer what I loved most about each title I’ve played. I think the world building and backstories of the original Xenoblade Chronicles are the best in the series (Though that may change after playing Torna: TGC). Xenoblade X, with its mix and match weapon system, has the best gameplay, and the sense of exploration attained from traversing Mira is unparalleled. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has the most memorable environments, and ties with the original for best soundtrack.

Q6. If you could only see just one Xenoblade Chronicles game ported to the Nintendo Switch, what game would you choose: Xenoblade Chronicles or Xenoblade Chronicles X? Just ported? In that case, I would probably say X, since the low sales of the Wii U meant that very few people got to experience. However, if it was remade on the more powerful Switch, I would definitely say the original Xenoblade, in order to see its beautiful world without being compromised by the low power of the Wii/N3DS.

Q7. As far as Xeno as Super Smash Bros. go, Xeno only has one rep. If you could have any character from any game, who would it be and why? Either Elma or Rex and Pyra/Mythra. I feel that Elma is much more likely, since X came out first, and her dual blades/gun fighting style would feel unlike anything else in Smash. I think that Rex and Pyra/Mythra will be added as DLC in 2019, but I’d love to see them in the base roster.

Q8. Who would win in a fight, Rex or Shulk? While Shulk isn’t that strong, I think that the Monado’s visions would allow him to defeat Rex. If Rex has access to any blade, however, not just the Aegis, he would probably win.

Q9. What would you rather, a Fire Emblem Heroes-like gacha game for mobile for a Xeno Warriors? Personally, I don’t think that either would fit Xenoblade that well. I don’t think the arts system would transfer very well to Warriors, and I don’t think there would be enough characters to keep a Heroes game active for a few years. If I had to pick one, it would be Warriors.

Q10. A true Xeno Warriors game would be nothing without reps from every game, if you could pick just 20 characters who would be in playable in it, who would you choose?

  1. Rex and Pyra/Mythra
  2. Shulk
  3. Elma
  4. Lin
  5. Nagi
  6. Morag
  7. Tora
  8. Dunban
  9. KOS-MOS
  10. T-elos
  11. Egil
  12. Jin
  13. Dickson
  14. Malos
  15. Fei (C’mon Square Enix, allow for a Xenogears rep!)
  16. L
  17. Melia
  18. Zeke
  19. Lao
  20. Mia (Only unlocked after a series of missions spanning the entire Adventure/History mode)

 Me, You & Xeno with Obliviouslifeform

Q11. Who is your “Best Girl” in Xenoblade Chronicles 2? Mòrag, if she’s not “Best Woman.” 

Q12. Who is your “Best Boy” in Xenoblade Chronicles 2? There is only one correct answer to this question, and that is Turters.


Q13. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has a number of fantastic Rare Blades. Which of them have a place on your Top 10 Blades list for XC2? In no particular order:

  1. Ursula (For her combat potential alone. I refuse to speak of her quest.)
  2. KOS-MOS
  3. Godfrey
  4. Boreas
  5. Percival
  6. Floren
  7. Kassandra
  8. Vess
  9. Praxis
  10. Agate


Q14. Being the gift that keeps giving, the Expansion Pass for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, comes packed to the rafters. Did you pick up? Of course! I actually just got it the day before writing this. It came with Torna- The Golden Country.

Q15. With Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The  Golden Country, launching physically this month, will you be picking up the physical copy, or just plaything through it digitally when the version 2.0 update drops on September 14? As I said, I waited to get all the DLC physically. I personally prefer getting whatever I can physically, even if it costs a bit more.

Q16. What does Xenoblade and the Xeno series in general, mean to you? To me, Xenoblade represents an escape into an alien world, filled with lovable characters, hidden secrets, and a deep, ever unfolding history. It will always be a series close to my heart.

Q17. What is a Xeno moment you will always treasure? In Xenoblade Chronicles X, the player can’t get the Flight Module until after Chapter 9. Even after getting the Skell License, the world of Mira feels extremely large. When I finally got the Flight Module and soared above the plains of Primordia, I instantly knew I’d remember this. Seeing what I had traversed with the freedom of flight felt so beautiful, and was arguably the best moment in the game.

Q18. On a scale of 1 to 10, how hyped are you for Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country? 9.5. It would be a 10 if the release wasn’t so close to Valkyria Chronicles 4. There’s too much to play!

Q19. As far as Xenoblade Chronicles 2 goes, how does it compare to other Xeno games you’ve played? Xenoblade 2 continues to refine the series while adding its own twists. Many areas felt much more interesting than ever, with lore taught simply by exploring. The quests, while fewer in number, are better than ever, since there aren’t many tedious “defeat 10 enemies” quests simply for the sake of boosting quest numbers.

Q20. Since a true fan can both like and hate things about a series they love, what do you love most about the Xeno, and what do you hate about them? I love the music, worlds, and characters of Xenoblade most of all. However, I hate that most games have awful tutorials. The tutorials in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 were prevalent throughout the entire game, but often didn’t explain everything. Xenoblade Chronicles and XCX also didn’t explain some of the complex systems. Generally, the systems neglected were not needed to complete the game, but good luck defeating the superbosses without them.

Q21. If Nintendo were to announce Xenoblade amiibo cards, what would your reaction be and would you purchase them? I’d be happy, but I would rather have amiibo figures. Since the cards are so cheap, I would definitely purchase them!

Q22. If you were creating a Xeno dream team, who would you have and why? Honestly, I’d want to see Zeke, Mia, and Addam together. The 3 all have a knack for being too adventurous and getting into trouble as a result. It would be interesting to see what happens to a team like that.

Q23. Where do you hope Xeno and Xenoblade Chronicles go from here? I hope the Xenoblade series continues down its current path. Each game is different from the last, meaning one has to cherish the moments they spend in each world. If everything continues to be refined as MonolithSoft gains even more experience, I think Xenoblade will maintain its reputation as a top notch JRPG series.


With today being the final day of #XenoWeek and this being the last instalment  Me, You & Xeno, you’re now out of time to answer the questions yourself, but thank you for joining us and we hope you’ve enjoyed the last two weeks as much as we have!

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