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With the Nintendo Switch Online service officially kicking off in the later half of September, there is still so much we don’t know about it. One thing we do know is that around 20 NES games will be available for Switch Online subscribers when the services launches. These games will feature online play so you can play them with friends. One such game is Mario Bros which Nintendo Of Europe gave a small update about on their Twitter account. Mario Bros will support online co-op play.

As you may have guessed, this will allow players to play as Mario or Luigi. If players have the NSO app, they can use voice chat to communicate with each other during play.


Source: Nintendo Of Europe (Twitter)

By Mike Scorpio

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3 thoughts on “Nintendo Of Europe Confirm Online Co-op Play For Mario Bros (Nintendo Switch Online)”
  1. Thank god we know this nugget of information. We can all relax now, I mean, who needs to know all about the intricate details of a paid subscription service that launches within 4 weeks?…

    1. We know what you mean. It is frustrating that the paid service is going to launch soon and we still know so little about it. I think the problem is that we are expecting there to be more from the Nintendo Switch Online service but the harsh reality could be that we already know pretty much all there is to it. So. Unless Nintendo have a couple of aces up their sleeve, the NSO might be a bust.

      1. What like new Mario Kart DLC that is exclusive to online subscribers, or just a killer online game in general (was sure Smash would launch with the service). I completely agree that we know essentially all there is to know, aside from the 2nd batch of NES games. I just wish they’d already announced something like ‘1st wave of SNES games coming in time for Xmas, N64 coming spring 2019’ something to that effect that would generate a bit of hype.

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