What’s this? Another Xenoblade Chronicles 2 costume gallery? Damn right it is! Having noticed how popular the last one was, we decided to it was only fitting to do a gallery dedicated to all the costumes Version 1.5.2 has to offer. Only, where this gallery differs to the last one, is the fact we actually had the time to get all of the costumes ourselves and go somewhere special to take our pictures.

So, not to put it off any longer, here is a good look at each of the new costumes, along with the name of each piece and how many Flawless Noponstones they require:


Cloud Sea Shark Rex – Price: 30 Flawless Noponstones
Fancy Sundress Nia – Price: 45 Flawless Noponstones
Best Girl Fan Tora – Price: 40 Flawless Noponstones
Obligatory Leave Mòrag – Price: 50 Flawless Noponstones
Surfinator Zeke – Price: 30 Flawless Noponstones
Pro Swimmer Pyra– Price: 45 Flawless Noponstones
Radiant Beach Mythra – Price: 45 Flawless Noponstones
Water Lily Brighid – Price: 45 Flawless Noponstones
Beach Date Pandoria – Price: 45 Flawless Noponstones
Swim Lesson Poppi α – Price: 45 Flawless Noponstones
Loyal Bellflower Nia – Price: 20 Flawless Noponstones
Sincere Primrose Nia – Price: 20 Flawless Noponstones
xenoblade chronicles 2 swimsuits
Devoted Marigold Nia – Price: 20 Flawless Noponstones

Any particular costume takes your fancy? Let us know, just remember that the Expansion Pass is required in order to earn them, earn the ones that came before and get all the Rare Blades, which also includes Elma. Thank you for stopping by!


By Jack Longman

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