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Gamescom 2018 is in full swing this week and among the many games that are playable there, the Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit also had its own demonstration model. The folks over at Kotaku had the privilege to get hands-on with the new Labo kit and have shared some new details about it.

  • Players can explore a large area that is sectioned into themed zones in Adventure Mode. You can switch between controlling a car, a plan and submarine (where there is water).
  • The world is large but not to the extent of Breath of the Wild. It is more on par with the likes of Wii Sports Resort.
  • The themed zones are based on real life settings. There are city zones, meadows, deserts, etc.
  • The in-game chararcter is an androgynous crash test dummy.
  • There is a multiplayer mode that features car racing and a battle mode.
  • Each vehicle has a type of armament. The Plane fires missiles, the Submarine uses torpedos and the car has… bombs?!

If you would like to see some gameplay footage of the Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit, you can find some over at the Kotaku website. Feel free to check out the first look video in one of our previous articles.

Source: Kotaku

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