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Given how early the latest Feh Channel aired this morning in Europe, there’s a good chance you missed it, but don’t worry, whether you’ve missed it, avoided or want a rehash of all the information, everything the show had to offer, can be found right here in both video and written form:



  • Feh Channel opens with Feh, the Messenger Owl for the Order of Heroes, flying faster than usual, die to being excited. Eager to get today’s news out.
  • Feh offers a brief explanation on what Choose Your Legends is, how it works and who won it last year and this year. (Hector, Celica, Ephraim and Veronica)
  • This year’s Brave Heroes will be available via the Summoning Event, “Arrival of the Brave.”


The Heroes of “Arrival of the Brave”:

  • Veronica: Brave Princess (Placed 2nd in the Choose Your Legends Round 2 Women’s Division)
    • Equipped weapon is Hliðskjálf and stops foes from counter-attacking. Also inflicts a stat decrease on all foes within 2 spaces, whilst boosting the stats of allied units within 2 spaces for 1 turn.
    • Ability is Windfire Balm+ which grants Atk/Spd+6 to all allies for 1 turn, when Veronica heals an ally with her staff.
  • Ephraim: Sacred Twin Lord (Placed 2nd in the Choose Your Legends Round 2 Men’s Division)
    • Equipped weapon is Garm. Garm grants Atk+3 and provided if a bonus granted by skills such as Rally, or Hone, or extra movement is granted thanks to Armor March and Armored Boots, Ephraim will be guaranteed a follow-up attack.
    • Ability is Armor March 3, which at the start of the turn, provided he is close to an armoured unit ally, him and the ally can both move one extra space, but only for that turn only.
  • Celica: Warrior Priestess (Placed 2nd in the Choose Your Legends Round 2 Women’s Division)
    • Equipped weapon is Royal Sword and grants Spd+3. When unit is within 2 spaces of her allies, Royal Sword “grans unit Special cooldown charge +1 per unit’s attack,” with the highest value being applied and no, it dose not stack.
    • Ability is Death Blow 4. If the unit initiates combat, Atk+8 is granted to her.
  • Hector: Brave Warrior (Placed 1st in the Choose Your Legends Round 2 Men’s Division)
    • Equipped weapon is Meltet and the cooldown count for Special trigger is accelerated, resulting in it being reduced by -1. Should Hector have more than 50% of his life and an enemy attacks first, he will do a follow-up attack.
    • Ability is Ostian Counter. No matter where your foe may be, Hector will be able to successfully counterattack and if a foe initiates combat, Atk/Def+4 is granted during the scuffle.

Other “Heroes of the Brave” Details: (Summoning event, Forging Bonds and More:

  • The 4 mentioned heroes above, are now available as part of a summoning event and one can be summoned for free, so choose wisely.
    • Summoning event is said to last between August 21, 2018 at 09:00 AM CEST to September 14, 2018 at 08:59 AM CEST/August 21, 2018 at 00:00 AM PT to September 13, 2018 at 23:59 PM PT.
  • The Heroes will also be encounterable as enemies during the Paralogue Story, “Heroes of the Brave”
  • Hector, Celica, Veronica and Ephraim will also be the focus of Forging Bonds Round 2, with new gear associated to the characters being available as rewards.


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Source: Nintendo Mobile (YouTube)



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