Why should you never give a ninja coffee? Because it can make them hyperactive and provided you like to play games on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there’s a chance you might have heard about a game called Super Hyperactive Ninja.

What you might not have heard though, is the fact that after having released on other platforms, Super Hyperactive Ninja is coming to the Nintendo Switch and we had the opportunity to ask 5 questions about it today, which you can see right here:

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What is Super Hyperactive Ninja?

Grimorio of Games: Super Hyperactive Ninja is a fast-paced hyper-caffeinated action-platformer in 2D. Taking inspiration from games such as Super Meat Boy, Megaman and Canabalt, this is a hardcore platformer designed for the challenge-loving players. This is a game about running at high speed, dodge perils and, most importantly, planning your advance.

The Evil Shogun has stolen all the coffee from the secret ninja village of Kohinomura, and it’s up to Kohimaru and the Coffee-Nin to recover it to stop his plans. The Coffee-Nin can use the power of caffeine to enter Hyperactive Mode, which lets them run faster, jump higher, perform wall jumps and kill their enemies in exchange of a higher energy consumption, so it has to be used with caution.

If you run out of caffeine, it’s GAME OVER!


How long has a Port been in development for the Nintendo Switch?

Grimorio of Games: Super Hyperactive Ninja started development in October 2016, and now that Yoyo Games has released a Switch export module for Game Maker Studio 2 we have started to port the game to Nintendo Switch.


What other Platforms is Super Hyperactive Ninja available on?

Grimorio of Games: The game was released on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One in May 22nd this year.


Can you tell us a bit about the Grimorio Team?

Grimorio of Games: We are a small team of two people from Barcelona, which aims to make games for passionate gamers as us. We believe in respecting the intelligence and skills of the players, and so we try to make truly challenging but fair games. After Super Hyperactive Ninja, we are working on a new game you’ll know about soon (hopefully).


Best Way of Staying up to Date with Super Hyperactive Ninja?

Grimorio of Games: You can follow us on Twitter (@GrimorioG), or look for news on our website (www.grimorioofgames.com).


For those of you who would like to see more/know more about Super Hyperactive Ninja, we’d recommend watching either of the videos below:

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