The dive tank is filled and the wet suit still fits. Is it time to dive once again?

Once again, new trademarks have been filed by Nintendo., Ltd. have been discovered and while we try to lay them down when reporting on them, one of the IPs involved, is too close to our hearts that we can´t help but get a little excited. As fully certified PADI Dive Masters, Mike Scorpio and I are huge fans of the Endless Ocean series.  We owned both games on the Nintendo Wii and have been begging for a new release, or even a port, ever since.

Sadly, neither a port nor a new release of the Arika developed titles happened, but at least we can scuba dive in GO VACATION now. Still, things could be changing because as far as the two new trademarks go, one is for Endless Ocean (known as Forever Blue in Japan) and the other is for Another Code. Like Endless Ocean, Another Code also saw two releases with Another Code: Two Memories for the Nintendo DS and Another Code: R – A Journey into Lost Memories for the Nintendo Wii.

Both trademarks have been filed with purposes related to “video game program” and the actual applications can be seen here, starting with Endless Ocean:

Endless Ocean trademark another code trademark

Source: Japanese Nintendo 1 & 2

By Jack Longman

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  1. I’m very intrigued. Endless Ocean, I found to be an incredibly charming game because I love marine biology.

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