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The moment Kirby Switch fans, has finally arrived. The all new Kirby Star Allies update has just dropped and with it, comes 3 new Dream Friends as part of Wave 2. While the update isn’t overly large and the patch notes are tiny, it’s the thought that counts and 3 new celebration pictures have been added as well. The patch notes can be seen here, followed by a gameplay video:

Kirby Star Allies version 3.0.0

Kirby Star Allies Version 3.0.0: [Released 07/27/18]

  • Added three new Dream Friends: Adelaine & Ribbon, Dark Metaknight, and Daroach.
  • Added three new celebration pictures to complete by collecting Picture Pieces.
  • Fixed several issues to enhance gameplay.


Source: en-americas-support.nintendo.com & GameXplain (YouTube)

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