Kirby Star Allies wave 2

Before Kirby Star Allies even had the chance to release, it was revealed the game would receive free updates that add new Dream Friends.

Wave 1 was distrusted in no time at all, back in March, but Wave 2 took its sweet time in coming. But, no more must we settle for a Summer release, as the second batch of Dream Friends will be available on July 27, for Europe and Japan. The second wave will consist of Daroach, Dark Meta Knight and the newly revealed Adeline and Ribbon, who count as one character. A video of Adeline’s and Ribbon’s reveal can be seen below:

Should the update consist of something other than just new Dream Friends, we’ll be sure to share the news when we get it.



Source: @Nintendo (Twitter) & @Kirby_JP (Twitter)

By Jack Longman

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